June 30, 2006

June 30, 2006: Homeless Industry & related

Adding up the numbers Sue-Ann Levy, June 24, 06

[....] The homeless portfolio should be audited. But Ootes says that will be an "uphill battle" with the NDP in power at City Hall.

In fact, the report has the audacity to suggest that the city needs more money from senior levels of government to get the homeless into permanent housing.

Yet no mention is made of trying to train homeless people to re-enter the workforce. Heaven forbid. What would Miller and his socialists do if they reduced the cycle of dependency?

Why, then they'd have $220 million to spend on little things like repairing sidewalks or replacing park benches.

Related: Sue-Ann Levy

Count on homeless to cost more editorial, June 24, 06

Spending more than $40,000 per homeless person per year.

We [Toronto Sun] also said it was time to stop tolerating services that only perpetuate and enable homelessness -- handing people food and sleeping bags right on the street so they can stay there -- and better co-ordinate aid to ensure it gets to those who need it.

Once the homeless industry is set up ... it's like the counselling industry, the racism industry, the native industry, the women's rights industry ... self-perpetuating and growth-oriented. Consider, would you take a job in one of these industries, then work yourself out of the job? Daft!


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