January 27, 2006

Warning for bloggers

This morning I found that someone had been into my old blog site, News Junkie Canada on Jan. 26. I did not open it yesterday but I found this morning that it had been opened and updated with yesterday's date. How very expected. In the East there has been a tendency toward control; nothing appears to be sacred. Need I say more? I do not know who was into my blog site(s) but I do know that it wasn't me and I can make a guess, based on questions I have been asked lately. Yesterday, I could not open Frost Hits the Rhubarb for hours. Obviously, someone else could. Today I found their spoor. It will take a long time in the wilderness to cleanse these guys.

What is the answer? Perhaps a blogsite in the US. Certainly, no-one's privacy is observed in the East.

Incidentally, do try to find out the student vote results for your riding.



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