January 27, 2006

Post Election

Brilliant ...

Lorrie Goldstein is brilliant with this one ... a hoot! To comment: lorrie.goldstein@tor.sunpub.com

It tickled my funny bone immensely.


'Reporter,' really Liberal helper, tapes SAC office By: Allison Martell, 1/19/06, The Varsity (University of Toronto), posted by Foxers, 1/25/2006 22:18:17

... a volunteer with Liberal Tony Ianno's campaign was found posing as a CBC reporter at the Students' Administrative Council (SAC) office.

[.... ] "They were asking questions about our campaign to encourage students to vote," said Rick Telfer, SAC general manager. "We noticed that David Chu was wearing a Tony Ianno lanyard."

According to SAC President Paul Bretscher, Chu introduced himself on Wednesday as a CBC reporter and showed CBC press credentials. Bretscher, who had not heard about the initial incident, did interviews with Chu and let him film around the SAC office.

[....] Chu apparently admitted that he did work for the CBC.

There has been some hostility between SAC and the Ianno campaign over campus voting stations, with campaign manager Tom Allison repeatedly accusing SAC of making a "secret deal" with Elections Canada.

RE: Thank You Quebec -- background posts on immigrant influence on the vote and why -- "theft, corruption, bribery and disregard for others ... to survive" Scroll down for DV0185 and 71717,

From DV0185

I [have] seen nary a mention of this in the media but I feel the Liberal attack ad of 'soldiers in our cities' 'with guns' was aimed directly at all those who moved to Canada from other places where armed soldiers are to be feared. The police are to be feared. Anyone with guns were to be feared because they were simply the authority to be feared. I wonder how many folks thought that but were to afraid to say it or to report on it in the media.

Before anyone decides I too am a 'racist', I am an immigrant, from France and now an Albertan. I have embraced the lifestyle, the work ethic, the self-reliance portrayed in the West....

From 71717, 1/24/2006

... Our character and honesty was what gave us a leg up in the world. It wasn't an English or French thing. It was a Canadian thing. [....]

Supporting a party which stole from the people of Canada is bizarre to say the least.

[....] But to support these scoundrels so fresh from the crime, is an endorsement of that activity and these Liberals may in time restart their corrupt habits and be emboldened to steal more [....] We are not in Somalia.. You have nothing to fear... Act like you have nothing to fear.. The CPC and the NDP wont [sic] bite.. There were alternatives to corruption...

I often find CNEWS Forum worth checking for its links to items I have missed or commentary from the hoi polloi who tend to write what they think more often than not.

Pre-election news still informative: Immigration issues, civil rights , racial profiling dominated Hamilton Muslim's debate -- The NDP would have abolished the anti-terrorist legislation, according to the Ancaster-Dundas-Flamborough-Westdale riding -- Hamilton area Kevin Werner, Ancaster, Jan 20, 2006

Worth looking at, even after the election

Cards: Deck of Liberals and check the photos too, especially the CBC's behaviour at a funeral for a military hero.

The CBC spin on Prime Minister Designate, Harper, whom they persist in calling "Harper" without the honorific, is that he is too inexperienced, as is his team, the implication being that he is not ready for prime time -- what with the WTO coming up. (CBC). What must gall them is that his integrity is not inexperienced. He handles himself so well when the adders question him, apparently in hope of finding a weakness or tripping him up.

The mainstream media along with artists' unions, and those who make, or hope to make, their living from the public purse have been planning a long time. Think expansion of control. Think cultural products which may cover just about anything, for example, online, e-learning and multimedia products. The UNESCO protocol cements some of the plans. Other plans are taken care of by social engineering the young. Mr. Harper's team would do well to look into this. Very insidious. Very, very insidious. Another gift that will keep on giving -- Liberal tactics at their most devious.

Hilarious! I showed these videos to someone else and he concurred. He just hooted at them.

Proud to be Canadian.ca -- Meadowlark: WE made THESE up! -- words from Daimnation at http://www.damianpenny.com/archived/005519.html

Search the site for these videos and others:

Stephen Harper eats Tex-Mex
Stephen Harper has a dog

Liberal Media adapts to change


Andrew Coyne: "Have you or anyone you know been fired by the Government of Canada?" Mar. 30, 04, advertisement

More serious:

Paul Jackson: Darkness lifts -- Soon, we'll be able to sing our anthem with pride again Jan. 24, 06

Right now, the only individuals sitting in lowlife bars gulping down shots of Scotch or pouring pints of beer down their throats are ousted Grit MPs, party insiders, high-living lobbyists and the rest of the bunch who've been at the Liberal patronage trough since 1993.

Not only are they drowning their sorrows, but they are also trying to calm their quaking nerves because when the Conservatives start going through the books, they will find financial rip-offs of the taxpayers' money that will make AdScam look like chicken feed. [. . . . ]

I would like to believe that is the case but the rush to parachute Frank McKenna into Liberal leadership and the attitude I am still catching on the CBC are geared to giving Prime Minister Harper no honeymoon period.

Andrew Coyne: Grit empire crumbles Jan. 24, 06

[. . . . ] Now the Tories have their hands on the levers of power, and they will set about with a will to dismantling the apparatus of Liberal rule: a sweeping program of ethical and democratic reforms, both to prevent the kinds of overt abuses of power that were the Liberals' downfall, and the broader deployment of patronage and favours that was their greatest strength.

[. . . . ] While the Liberals spend the next months and years in recriminations and bloodletting -- oh yes, and a leadership race -- the Tories and the NDP can pursue a good-news agenda of reforms aimed at democratizing government and making it more accountable, on which the two parties have a surprising degree of overlap. [. . . . ]

If you are able to find an article by Father De Souza on Paul Martin in the National Post Jan. 24 or 25, 06, editorial section, it is worth reading. Father De Souza discusses utter corruption.


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