January 20, 2006

Updated: Ignatieff-Capobianco, Canada's Own Ministry of Truth, Fredericton Race -&- Ed Broadbent

Update 2

Christie Blatchford: Ignatieff Cries "E Tu Brute!" -- "In a last-minute blow to high-profile Liberal candidate Michael Ignatieff, the president of the party’s riding association in Etobicoke-Lakeshore swung his support today to Conservative rival John Capobianco in Monday’s federal election." Gemini, 1/20/2006 16:23:39 -- from the G & M

The tribe has spoken on the parachuting in of "star" candidates and on control from the PM/PMO. So much for the "new Trudeau" to replace the plotter. Why bother working for your local riding association if the PM may ignore your wishes and parachute a star in?

Trying to bring up something that would frighten people, CBC Newsworld has been in panic mode today (IMHO), desperately reminding people how scary Conservatives are. Love it! What entitled planet do these spokesmen for the Liberal government inhabit? Funny, some people even like Conservatives and keep in touch. We're almost human. CBC should meet a few.

I had links, along with other items typed here, but lost my connection and everything went poof. It happens regularly with touchy posts in trying to send posts from the Maritimes -- strange. Last night it took five tries to post "OneWorld, Maurice Strong, UNESCO & The Global Governance Gang". There may be something worth reading there.

Update 1:

Stephen Taylor is justifiably bothered for a number of reasons - Did CBC take credit for bloggers' work? CBCWatch.ca , Jan. 19, 06.

In addition to blogger Stephen Taylor being justifiably bothered by the allegations of election violations made against a simple aggregator for conservative Canadian bloggers, he exposes CBC’s exclusive on ITSCAM (aka the Goodale income trust scandal) as being lifted from investigative work revealed on blogs like his own. He states:

"We broke the income trust scandal on our blogs and were aghast when the CBC gave a summary view of the story and called it an exclusive." ....

The Shotgun has an update on this story I posted yesterday: Call for probe into Tory blogs -- Blogging Tories -- via NealeNews Allan Woods, CanWest, Jan. 18, 06. Very interesting.

CBC Newsworld:

Don Newman and Julie Van Dusen
, along with others are attempting to create doubt in anyone who would vote Conservative. Apparently, the story is going the rounds that the poll results are going down but Captain's Quarters has a post on the Globe and Mail poll which is worth reading. Could a newspaper get or overstate the percentage difference between the Conservatives and Liberals, then have to adjust downward later, use or create an error to help produce a negative spin? I'm cynical, of course.

G&M Playing With Polls?


Watch for what is called "news" by CBC types as they bring up topics to create doubt in anyone who might vote Conservative: on abortion and "a woman's right to choose", same sex marriage (31 Liberals voted against it.) "spin from Conservatives" (never from Liberals?), and the totally impartial justices and the court system.

Actually, Stephen Harper has said a Conservative government has NOT any plans for abortion and are not re-opening that debate. Don Newman has again had to shut Susan Murray off for she kept babbling. I have heard this happen twice. (Update: Corrected; I had written Martin instead of Newman. Sorry)

Ed Broadbent has made a blistering attack on the Paul Martin Liberals and he was magnificent in his outrage.
Susan Murray is offended by Broadbent's statements ... if anybody givea a hoot! Oh, yes, Susan and the Liberals are going after "progressive" voters. What the heck are progressives, anyway, Susan? Or is a case of Liberals claiming they represent Canadian values?

To each of us progressive ideas mean something different. I have a family which has considered me to be much too progressive for a woman; yet writers tell me occasionally that I am a red neck, the equivalent of an inbred idiot from the boonies. I am probably, like most Canadians, somewhere between left and right.

Define your terms, folks.

News: Paul Martin will be coming to Fredericton to bolster Andy Scott ... if that is considered to be help

The latest unofficial call-in poll from a local radio station:

Pat Lynch Conservative: 47%

Andy Scott Liberal: 38%

John Carty NDP: 16% [I hope I have that first name correct.]

Undecided: 1.6%


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