January 20, 2006

Vellacott-Chris Axworthy, SCOC, Judicial Impartiality & Another Whistleblower Disappointed

Dave Perkins: Stadium deal fails sniff test -- Grits' top bagman and soccer stadium Jan. 19, 2006

... The outgoing federal government not only ignored its own guidlelines on project size to contribute $27 million to the proposed soccer stadium at the CNE ... knowing it would go into the stadium business with the chief fund raiser for the Liberal Party of Canada.

Larry Tanenbaum
, chairman since 2003 of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, a partner in the planned $62.8 million structure, is volunteer chair of the National Revenue Committee of the Liberal Party of Canada. [....]

Search: Far more sensibly, though, and for less money, taxpayers could

Latest Liberal attack! ... How low can they go?

During the debate show, a caller called in and accused Conservative Candidate Maurice Vellacott of sexual assault on a church secretary. Vellacott immediately asked for the name and number of the caller for legal action and they had an idea of who this person was. I didn't catch the name, but it was in the news brief. When they ran a reverse lookup of the number, they came up with the Liberal campaign headquarters of Chris Axworthy.[riding of Saskatoon-Wanuskewin] from OfficiallyScrewed.com via Andrew Coyne, Angry in the Great White North, CNEWS Forum's casper34, Jan. 19, 06

Judicial impartiality with Joe Comartin and Deborah Coyne

All Canadians express a desire for is representation, not top-down control -- that our elected representatives in Parliament have the opportunity to make input into appointments. That's called democracy ... You know, the guys we vote in to represent our views should have some input to make, should they not? Is it better to have the PM/PMO and the coterie surrounding the PM--think Earnscliffe, Scott Reid--make all the long-term and important appointee decisions?

I listened (I forget what channel on television, possibly CBC) to constitutional lawyer Deborah Coyne (Pierre Trudeau's baby momma) and NDP lawyer Joe Comartin discuss the suggestion that the justices appointed by Liberals (There might even be the odd one left over from Mulroney's era) are human and might lean slightly left. Coyne gave no quarter; Liberal appointments could be improved, perhaps, but after the process, justices are impartial.

Stop treating us as dunderheads! As a non-lawyer, I find such even-handed perfection in anyone hard to credit ... including in myself.

As Joe Comartin said, lawyers with other than Liberal connections don't even bother to apply for judicial positions. They KNOW that it is pointless. He did suggest that, once appointed, justices are impartial and I will concede that perhaps they try. But that they succeed all the time? No.

Yet, Deborah Coyne expressed what appeared to be outrage--or it suited her political purpose to show such--that anyone would even mention, through stating a fact about the courts (in particular, that Stephen Harper would even suggest that), most SCOC justices have been appointed by Liberal Prime Ministers, there might be a leftward lean to the court. Seven out of eight Supremes are Liberal appointees.

When did these judicial human beings move beyond the realm of human? We are all influenced by our background and philosophy, whether we know and admit it or not. Justices, as humans, must have this human propensity. Therefore, they cannot be as impartial as Coyne would have us believe, strive though they might.

One example that has the appearance of questionable partiality to me, is the following, since Supremes do not deign to stoop so low as to explain their reasoning:

Supreme Court At It Again

OTTAWA (CP) - The Supreme Court of Canada has refused to hear an appeal by whistleblower Margaret Haydon for her five-day suspension from Health Canada in 2002.

Haydon, who has since been fired along with two other Health Canada scientists, was suspended for saying a federal ban on Brazilian beef had more to do with trade politics than health.

[. . . . ] The Supreme Court announced today that it would not hear her appeal, without giving its reasons as is customary for the high court.

Why not? She has lost her career, as have others. How is this decided by these "impartial" justices? Should Haydon and the people who pay the Supremes salaries not be given some indication why? In an election period ...

Liberals are like rats when a ship is sinking TruerAlberta, Jan. 19, 06

Gilles Savard in Bloc country has withdrawn from the race and is urging his supporters to vote Conservative!!!

Breaking news on CTV Newsnet

Below that, posted by Gemini

OTTAWA - A Liberal candidate in Quebec is conceding defeat and urging his supporters to vote for the Conservative party.

Gilles Savard, the Liberal candidate for the riding of Jonquiere-Alma, is throwing his support behind the Tories to stave off a Bloc Quebecois victory.

Savard pulled out because polls showed he only had five per cent support in the riding in a province that has seen a recent swell of support for the Tories. [. . . . ]


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