January 19, 2006

OneWorld, Maurice Strong, UNESCO & The Global Governance Gang

Were you consulted? Or was this accomplished through the UN / UNESCO? France, one Canadian province and several Third World countries were instrumental in this and there is more, much more to come. Did you know you are going to pay? Think global tax. It may be given another name but you will pay and your free speech may be severely curtailed if it might offend ... Think globally!

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One World Home Page

This home page happens to be in Zambia
and the first thing you will see is music for sale.

One World Radio UNICEF

One World Canada webpage

OneWorld.ca Canada's corner of the OneWorld network -- Just check a few of the topics

If the ones who signed the UN Kyoto Accord, can just win this election, think of the possibilities. Think of Maurice Strong and the One World Global Governance Gang; we may have UN/UNESCO control over the free flow of information. The internet, everyone's information sources, including Canadians' information, will be global and more severely curtailed by the individual nations ....... The Third World wants to present its logic, its reasoning. UNESCO will make certain you know you owe ...... What has been a free flow of information with the internet, what we have right now, impedes these messages which will give weight to views emanating from some fairly skewed logic and you will pay. Think respect, no matter how audacious the statements or the demands. You belong to the world. Celebrate. Prepare not to resist. Curb your speech. You might commit a hate crime.

Think of the flow of information coming out of countries which are not free. It will be treated as respected information. Think of what will emanate from the Palestinian Territories, Saudi Arabia, and a few more nations with similar freedoms. Your children will be able to access this OneWorld, culturally diverse "information" ... for research, for example. There is more to be said on this.

You thought the media this election was pro-Liberal? You haven't seen anything yet. Why, if Canadians are really fortunate, there may be Liberals / socialists / leftists in control forever. Think Tower of Babel and Control!


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