January 16, 2006

Quick additions

Prime Minister Paul Martin could be in trouble in his own Montreal riding of LaSalle- Emard -- Conservative candidate Georges Bastien said his polling is showing similar results.

Iranian President Bat**** Crazy I have heard that ... uh, quaint term from only one other person ever.

Complete Deck of Liberals

If these are the "intellectuals", perhaps I'll leave meeting the ordinary individuals for my next lifetime ... Saudi Doctorate Encourages ... the Murder of Arab Intellectuals Jan. 12, 06 -- Did you expect peace, tolerance, compassion?

A three-volume treatise by Sa'id ibn Nasser Al-Ghamdi, titled Deviation from the Faith as Reflected in [Arab] Thought and Literature on Modernity, has recently gained publicity in the Arab world. The book, published in December 2003 inSaudi Arabia, is based on Al-Ghamdi's 2000 doctoral dissertation, submitted to the Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University, for which he received his degree summa cum laude. In his treatise, Al-Ghamdi names more than 200 modern Arab intellectuals and authors whom he accuses of heresy - thus making it permissible to kill them. [. . . . ]

Link errors discovered in FHTR Apr. 17-05 to Apr. 22, 05

Correct links:

Hansard Apr. 15, 05: QP -- Sponsorship Program & Justice -- "Do the Liberals intend to run a fourth election campaign with dirty money, yes or no?"


Hansard April 15/05 Oral Question Period


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