January 14, 2006

Reality Check: Alberta & Fury, Rogers: Lack of Privacy, PrimeTimeCrime

Don't Think Alberta Separatism Is Real? 1AngryMan, 1/13/2006 23:30:53 -- Message: By Leon Harold Craig

This year, Alberta is celebrating a century of existence as part of the Canadian federation of provinces. What better time, then, to take stock of Alberta's place in this arrangement, of how well it's been served in the past and what are its prospects for the future?

The moment is especially propitious, since the whole country is being treated to a rare public exposure of how corrupt the federal government, historically dominated by a Liberal party centred on Ontario and Quebec, actually - routinely - is.

To be sure, the $250 million of graft involved in the Adscam racket is but a small portion of Alberta's annual donation to keeping Quebec tenuously tethered to the rest of Canada, barely a week's contribution of the $12 billion Ottawa sucks out of Alberta every year in equalization" payments (which the Liberal party then uses to buy votes east of Cornwall), a mere $60 of the almost $3,000 that every man, woman and child in Alberta pays per year for the privilege of remaining in a federation governed for the benefit of Ontario, Quebec and cronies of the Liberal Party of Canada. Kept here, that same money would provide every family of four a $35,000 car every three years. I'd rather have the car. [. . . . ]

And it also has to do with the preception from Ontario that anything from Alberta must be evil, except our transfer money of course. WallysWorld, 1/14/2006 00:15:41

There is much more, along with other people's comments.

There is real fury in this land -- Gun Registry Waste

Know Your Fiberals quebec1, 1/14/2006 15:13:32 -- There is much more.

Amount Wasted So Far:

$1,658,300,000.00. One Billion, Six Hundred and Fifty Eight Million, Three Hundred Thousand Dollars.

That's $1,658,300,000.00 or 1.6583 'Thousand, Million, Dollars have, and will have been wasted by the Liberal Government in the ongoing attempt to licence and register the firearms of Farmers and Duck Hunters in the name of Crime Prevention!!!! [. . . . ]

Taken from http://www.geocities.com/liberalgunfarce/

Privacy glitch allows easy access to cable-TV subscribers' info -- "But it also allowed anyone with a subscriber's name, phone number and postal code - often readily available from other online databases - to check up on that person's cable services." Jim Bronskill, CNEWS, Jan. 14, 06

OTTAWA (CP) - [. . . . ] But the Rogers Cable website has long allowed anyone with Internet access to find out which packages and specialty channels - including several adult services - the company's customers enjoy. [. . . . ]

Via PrimeTimeCrime.ca

Martin's secret agenda agent Peter Foster, NP, Jan. 14, 06 -- Bud posted on this earlier today.

Tanker truck carrying cocaine busted

Feds' million-dollar baby
Stoned, fleeing cops, teen gets 4 1/2 years for killing

Toronto waterfront audit report left out key facts -- "letter's missing paragraphs" BILL CURRY, January 12, 2006

It is full of interesting information:

[. . . . ] The public version of the internal audit by Human Resources Skills Development Canada also omits a chart that lists the 10 sole source contracts that were awarded in violation of the rule requiring public bids. The document shows some were well above the $75,000 maximum.

[. . . . ] Several of the companies on the list were large donors to the national Liberal Party and riding associations of current and former Liberal MPs in the Greater Toronto Area, including Tony Ianno, Bill Graham, Carolyn Bennett, Bonnie Brown, Albina Guarnieri, Elinor Caplan and David Collenette.

Search: Goodmans LLP , KPMG , McMillan Binch LLP

A nightmarish moment -- on the unnatural quality of political debates -- Robert Fulford, brilliant, as usual

Chinese voters encouraged to put aside minority mentality Jan 12, 2006, Simone Joseph, Staff Writer

NY Times tipped terrorists? by the Anchoress January 13, 2006

Reliapundit links to a report which he says can be considered circumstantial proof that the NY Times, in leaking the NSA wiretapping program, has tipped off terrorists and thus made our job more difficult. Seems disposable phones are selling like hotcakes in certain quarters. They’re tough to trace.

Continue reading at The Anchoress


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