January 13, 2006

Update: Harsh? No, Realistic re Legal Polygamy: The Bailey Report, Abandoning Liberal Ship, Campaign Ads, Bud on CBC

Update added at the bottom of this post on polygamy.

No slippery slope in Canada? ... Friday, the Thirteenth, our lucky day

National Post front page: CALL FOR LEGAL POLYGAMY

That report in this morning's newspaper starts with discussing the polygamy practised in Bountiful, BC. Search: child abuse , sexual exploitation , not force marriage laws to recognize it

Study recommends repealing polygamy ban in Canada Dean Beeby, CP/NationalPost, Jan. 12, 06

``Criminalization does not address the harms associated with valid foreign polygamous marriages and plural unions, in particular the harms to women,'' says the report, obtained by The Canadian Press under the Access to Information Act.

``The report therefore recommends that this provision be repealed.''

The research paper is part of a controversial $150,000 polygamy project, launched a year ago and paid for by the Justice Department and Status of Women Canada. [. . . . ]

Search: Martha Bailey , spousal support and inheritance rights , a fairly permissive society , Section 293 , same-sex marriage , beastiality , a rising tide of immigration from Africa and the Middle East , a violation of Canada's constitutional guarantee of freedom of religion , offer some recognition to polygamous , the harm to women and children

Soon the only thing banned in Canada will be the practice of Christianity--the branches that don't go along with Liberal values of SSM, and now, probably polygamy ... Well, perhaps Judaism will be banned, along with Christianity. The description I read sounds very inclusive and will appeal to the Elmasry's of Canada (Cdn. Islamic Congress) who have suggested that plural wives are "a good thing" and that Muslims in Canada must become more political ... I would say, Liberal.

Spare us more immigration from the Islamic world or soon, women's rights and freedoms will be seriously curtailed, if not ended ... but Canada will be inclusive ... inclusive of Muslim men's wishes. Oh, the study doesn't couch it that way ... but think about it.

Muslim immigrants have been successful breeders of more who think like them, as Europe has found. Spare me, as a woman, from a Muslim man who would curtail the freedoms I enjoy. This is my right, Paul Martin, and you'd better remember it.

More Liberal voters ... more Liberal voters ... more votes for Paulie and his Parrots who care about little except winning, IMHO, carrying on a long Liberal tradition. Win at all costs.

Federal Justice Dept study recommends repealing polygamy ban in Canada -- "change other legislation to help women and children"January 12, 2006

Helping ... again. Every time the Liberal government decides it is time for them to help, I want to run for the hills.

Update: Harsh? I am realistic

A friend says I am too harsh. Well, as a woman, I fear that more and more Muslim ideas have come to Canada. It started with our tolerance--not theirs--and it may move to infringement of my rights as a female ... if enough of a population of Muslims are here with barbaric ideas about women.

As a poll of British Muslims taken after the London tube bombing shows, the vast majority showed they have no respect for Western culture; they consider it decadent and our women to just be loose. Also, women's heads or bodies are not covered from the eyes of men. They couch it as women tempting men. I am no threat to the tolerant among them, but right now, I don't hear of too many speaking out and denouncing the barbarous attitudes toward women, so I find it very hard to pick out the tolerant from the rest.

I hate Muslim attitudes toward women. Don't try to tell me that they are not bringing these ideas to Canada. I can read so I see what is happening. When Muslim men become tolerant, they are welcome into my Canadian world. Until then, they should go back to the horrendous societies from which they came.

There comes a tipping point with population and the Liberals are so desperate for votes that they don't care. Well, I do, so I speak out.

Abandoning sinking Liberal ship

Also joining Peter Kent's Big Tent was the Chairman of the National Post, David Asper. David Asper and his family have been well-known for their past support for the Liberal Party. posted by Anonymeme, Jan. 12, 06 via SmallDeadAnimals

View the list at www.peterkent.ca

Related via Newsbeat1

Daimnation: My very own Liberal campaign ads -- more funny campaign ads in the comments H/T Small Dead Animals

Update Bud: The CBC has been given its marching orders

Herb Dhaliwal was Kathleen Petty's guest to massage the message from the phone-in voters.

Throughout most of the interview and listening to call-ins there were pictures of Martin being congratulated by immigrants, adorable child on shoulder with Liberal claque clapping, his walking off a plane with his wife, Liberals being congratulated somewhere, all of this shown twice. The very partisan Dhaliwal refuting every single negative comment against the Liberals was followed by This Hour's favourite young Liberal massaging the message even more. And Harper's anti-Kyoto stance is once again shown to be false. ( within 5 min.) After slamming the Conservatives, the dude tried to pretend that this was a neutral news program and switched to hockey -- balance, CBC style. Canadian hockey, another Liberal value.

Bud Talkinghorn

NJC on Last night's CBC: Dini Petty (I think), a call in show -- shameful -- pure Liberal Advertising -- couched as "listening to ordinary Canadian callers" with Herb Dhaliwal guesting to explain away everything. Why are Canadians forced to pay for this? It is time for class action. CBC is completely biased for the Liberal government and more offensive every day.


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