January 19, 2006

Pathetic! Liberals Try to Shut Down Free Speech

Liberal website

Liberals: First they came for the Bloggers

Call for probe into Tory blogs -- Blogging Tories -- via NealeNews Allan Woods, CanWest, Jan. 18, 06

But a Victoria man, Eugene Parks, and Toronto Tory dissident Carole Jamieson allege the venture may be in contravention of the Elections Act and thirdparty financing laws. They say it may have “unduly influenced the election coverage and potentially the outcome of this campaign.” [. . . . ]

By golly, I only hope these Blogging Tories have some influence on the election campaign.

* How many lawsuits have the Liberals announced or pursued against anyone who writes about them or anyone who exposes their shenanigans?

* Yesterday, I posted on a Toronto Liberal's efforts to close down voting at the University of Toronto by getting Elections Canada to end having polling stations there.

* Today, the above.

Desperate and dangerous as Warren Kinsella would say, the Liberals must stand to lose a lot if Canadians really cotton onto them. Not all Liberals are corrupt and duplicitous but those who are are obviously feeling cornered enough to act like cornered rats.

By the way, there is a good article in the National Post today by Warren Kinsella.

For more on Carole Jamieson, scroll down.

Liberal Negative Ads Highlight Desperation

Jan. 12, 2006 - “While the Liberals continue their negative campaign of desperation, Stephen Harper and the Conservative party will continue to run a positive, ideas-based campaign,” concluded Reynolds (view statement ). “But as the Liberals continue to lie about us, we will continue to tell the truth about them.” What are Liberal's saying about their own attack ads against the Conservatives? View Ad...

Canadians' right to free speech under the Liberals

Blogging Tories: Stephen Taylor responds

Indeed, bloggers have broken countless news stories during this election. Weeks before Christmas, Steve Janke, Matt Braaten and I were digging through forensic financial data from the markets, receiving tips from concerned brokers and were tapping our contacts at the Western Standard, CTV, and the Globe and Mail for leads and information that was "too raw for primetime". We broke the income trust scandal on our blogs and were aghast when the CBC gave a summary view of the story and called it an exclusive. [duplicitous]

Other stories broken by bloggers during this election include the potential truth behind the international spat orchestrated by Paul Martin, Ralph Goodale's request for a sole-source contract for Earnscliffe, Ralph Goodale's faxscam, David Smith's Abotech affair, and Tony Valeri's land dealings among others. [. . . . ]

Further reading:

Elections Canada sees no problem with blogging during the election (Dec 2, 2005

Carol Jamieson aka Margaret Jamieson aka M Carol Jamieson aka Trojan Tory -- "But while this woman is labelled as a "party organizer" by the Gloria Galloway of the Globe and Mail, Carol Jamieson has organized against a variety of Conservative leaders." September 21, 2005

There is much more if you link.


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