January 20, 2006

Global Ministry of Truth

He's got it; by God! He's got it!

Peter Foster: Web of lies -- "to serve the public at large and the thousands of non-profit organizations" Jan. 21, 06 -- a wonderful article

[....] ManyOne's plan is to access myriad portals put up by NGOs and government organizations. ManyOne is described as an alternative to the "open" approach favoured, for example, by the online encyclopedia Wikipedia. Wikipedia is allegedly open to alterations by "ideological zealots." ManyOne's answer is to have the ideological zealots doing the writing and editing in the first place. [.... ]

Search: social and environmental change , anti-capitalist cant , The Digital Universe , objective , advertising-driven media and commerce , The Earth Charter , The Ecology of Commerce , Mr. Foresman , Digital Earth program at NASA , Chinese Academy of Sciences , internet censorship , Oil-For-Food , socialist revolution

This silly line keeps running through my mind: Da poof is da poof is da poof. I wonder why.

Orwellian black is white? ... "women’s empowerment."

ManyOne "We are setting the stage for the next evolutionary advancement of electronic media"-- Joseph Firmage, CEO and Founder, ManyOne Networks
The Foundation

I chose representative members of the foundation to excerpt. All emphasis is mine.

Mahnaz Afkhami
is Founder and President of Women’s Learning Partnership (WLP), former Minister of State for Women’s Affairs in Iran, and a leading advocate of women’s rights for more than three decades.

Khadija Haq
President of Mahbub ul Haq Human Development Centre and a leader on issues of economic and social development and women’s empowerment.

Paul Hawken
Environmentalist, educator, entrepreneur, journalist, and best-selling author.

Ashok Khosla
Social entrepreneur, environmental
visionary, and 2002 winner of the prestigious UNEP Sasakawa Environment Prize. [UNEP?]

Lelei LeLaulu
President and Chief Executive Officer of Counterpart International, formerly from a United Nations career that recently included membership in the UN Reform Team which, among other things, gave the world body its most thorough overhaul in 50 years and enhanced the way the organization consolidates and delivers development assistance to those in need.

LeLaulu must have worked with Louise Frechette who also was part of UN reform, of whom I have written before. Frechette kept some information about oil-for-food from reaching the ears or eyes of anyone who might have taken action above her in the pecking order, did she not? She resigned from the UN and now, she has some kind of sinecure via Paul Martin's government in south-western Ontario, Waterloo area, I think. "Peace" might also be involved. Does the $30-million donation by PM's government to the Ismaili Institute for Peace in Ottawa fit into this somehow? Is there an overall plan?... infinite plans?

William A. Nitze
....Chair of ... the Climate Institute and Equinox Energy Solutions,...to design, assemble and market energy security systems ....

Maurice Strong
Former Senior Advisor to the Secretary-General of the United Nations and to the President of the World Bank.

Jonah Wittkamper
Biologist, technologist, and organizer of the world’s youth community.

"Organizer of the world's youth community"? Why does organizing youth remind me of the love-ins for Kim Jong Il (Kim Il Jong?) in Korea or the parade square precision of the love-ins for Mao, the orchestration and the colour, perfectly executed. Perhaps they do not still happen. I am not heavily into "organizing" youth anyway ... group think and all that.

Richard Perl, President, The ManyOne Foundation
... a leader in the Social Venture Network, one of the leading international organizations of entrepreneurs who integrate social objectives in business ... GEMS, (Green Economic Movement Strategies), an effort to align the economic power of the millions of individuals committed to “cultural creative values.”

Out of Pakistan, Romania & ... other hotbeds of freedom and the free flow of information ...

No advertising, no naughty pictures, no business ... so soothing ... so comforting ... so safe for children ... so insidious

Google: Maurice Strong OneWorld and you will get "Inside Global Civil Society: How it Networks"

New online initiative aims to harness the power of the media to benefit children [. . . . ]

UNICEF launched a new website which showcases media projects by, with and for children called MAGIC.... UNICEF developed MAGIC, with funding from the Norwegian Government, in response to the Oslo Challenge of 1999, which called on media professionals, educators, governments, organizations, parents, children and young people themselves to recognize the enormous potential of the media to make the world a better place for children. The website translates this challenge into action. Visit: www.unicef.org/magic

OneWorld T.V. Spotlight on Human Rights

In commemoration of Human Rights Day, OneWorld TV has compiled personal testimonies and evidence of human rights abuses from such varied regions as Latin America, Eastern Europe and the Middle East, as well as highlights of the work of its members that are campaigning to protect the dignity, equality and universal rights of all human beings. (OneWorld,Dec. 10) [....]

Peacebuilding, Conflict Transformation and Post-War Reconstruction, Reconciliation and Resolution Seminar

This five-days intensive training workshop for advanced practitioners, aid and development workers, international diplomats, national and local level politicians organized by TRANSCEND. It will be held January 20 - 24in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. One of TRANSCEND’s most intense and high level training programmes, the PCTR has been created to help participants strengthen their understanding of the structures and dynamics of war and violent conflict, and skills and tools useful for peacebuilding, conflict transformation, and post-war reconstruction, reconciliation, and healing. Visit: www.transcend.org [....]

Google search: OneWorld and UNESCO

Why do I see indoctrination of children coming?

OneWorld.net / Partners / Partner directory / UNESCO ...
France. Main Telephone. Joined OneWorld. 26.02.1999. Features.
UNESCO workshop to train teachers in SchoolNet telecollaboration activities ...

Open knowledge might be a bit of a misnomer here.

Open Knowledge Workspace
agreement has been signed between OneWorld, UNESCO and NIC, so that the new
software ‘Open eNRICH’ will be used by both projects. The release is ...
www.dgroups.org/groups/okn/index. cfm?cat_id=658&msgid=211435&op=dsp_showmsg

UNESCO/OneWorld International Launch Training Video on Radio ...
To: s-asia-it@apnic.net; Subject: UNESCO/OneWorld International Launch Training Video on Radio-browsing Techniques; From: "Irfan Khan" [ Her email address in Pakistan is given but it does not show here for some reason -- see jpeg that I copied and then coloured red.] ...
www.apnic.net/mailing-lists/ s-asia-it/archive/2002/05/msg00009.html

Do you know any child who needs instruction on Radio-browsing Techniques?

Would it be correct to say that Israel is not part of OneWorld and Irfan Khan's Training Video on Radio-browsing Techniques emanating from Pakistan?


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