December 08, 2006

Dec. 8, 2006: Media love-in with Stephane Dion

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Update and correction Dec. 9, 06: I had mistakenly written Ivison instead of Ibbitson below.
It has now been corrected. My apologies to John Ivison who writes for the National Post. I read both newspapers often ... no excuse for my sloppiness, however. Mea culpa, again. FHTR

A CBC interview this week, Heather Hiscock and Liberal MP Mark Holland

Tories should drop Liberal sleaze cudgel

John Ibbitson in the Globe and Mail Dec. 5, 06 A7--Tories should drop Liberal sleaze cudgel--claims everyone has moved on and Mr. Dion is a new broom who has swept aside any taint of corruption associated with the Liberal Party; he warns that if PM Harper mentions corruption and Liberal in the same sentence, it will be a big mistake. The Liberal Party leader is actually surrounded by those who have been on the taxpayer dole before and want to return. Mr. Dion, even in backpack eviro-keen green disguise, will be a very smart operator for his interests, and theirs:

* Kyoto -- Alberta will pay for Quebec - See Ezra Levant's article on Kyoto - Dion announced -- in Quebec and in French of course -- that Alberta and Saskatchewan would be picking up most of the tab on Kyoto

* Mr. Dion's clarity bill, from my reading, actually set out on paper the conditions for Quebec to separate, a bar set too low, in my opinion. Of course, it doesn't say anything about land, infrastructure, military and much more. He infuriated the separatists who, nevertheless, will fall in behind a Quebecois PM, should it come to that ... but Alberta will actually do more than talk about separation, if goaded any more by a greedy East. Quebec's elites will be stunned and scramble for some way to recover advantage. Maybe words actually have meaning?

* Mr. Dion will play the game in Parliament in typical Liberal fashion, I fear. I listened to one exchange in the House of Commons where, to me, Mr. Dion twisted what has been happening with Chief Zaccardelli to try to pin anything that would stick on PM Harper. Mr. Dion knows what he is doing and I would have more respect for him if he displayed his vaunted reason more than his deliberate (Liberal sleazy) attempt to blacken the PM who had nothing to do with the Arar/RCMP/Zaccardelli issue. Frankly, I expected a more cerebral leader who would work for Canada. Again,

* Mr. Dion's dual Franco-Canadian citizenship will play well in Quebec -- so sophisticated, as befits a France-leaning Liberal, duo-cultural Quebecois. Ezra pinpoints how dual citizenship will be handled by the media propaganda organs.
Stephane Dion is the new leader of the Liberal Party. And he is a citizen of France.Ezra Levant, Dec. 4, 06

Imagine the shrieks from the media if the Conservatives were to elect a leader who is a dual citizen of the U.S. He would be called a U.S. poodle at best or a spy at worst. Every time he opined on a subject, it would be scrutinized through the lens of Canada-U.S. relations. Everything from military spending to foreign treaties like Kyoto would be looked at through the question: Was the Prime Minister of Canada truly pursuing Canadian interests, or was his loyalty to his other homeland at play?

CBC's Heather Hiscock--card-carrying Liberal qualifications in her "news" interview and delivery--has "moved on" from the ADSCAM corruption stories--so old-hat, Liberals like Ibbitson claim. Hiscock was moving the "news" away from the reality--that there is more to come. Now, Hiscock created through her questions for MP Holland, the effect of questions and answers sounding suspiciously scripted by LibPropHQ. Their effort was intended to taint PM Harper with the budding scandal over the RCMP Chief Zaccardelli Arar issue. I feel there is more to that than has come out yet, so maybe Heather had a big agenda requiring a scripted "interview" with MP Holland to get out to the public the way the story is to be played. God, she's obvious! Bring back Carla Robinson and, maybe, her sister.

Memo to Heather: Try journalism for a change ... or was getting your job something like applying for a civil service position where skills and aptitude play second fiddle to a created "need"? Aside from presentable looks, the ability to use tone and other tricks in the service of leftist propagandizing, what is the salient qualification needed for your job? How did you and your colleagues demonstrate the ability to fulfil the political potential of CBC "news" as propaganda? Liberal membership card? A boyfriend or husband anxious to return to the trough? Or are these CBC types reflective of biased hiring over years? Heather, are you really a true believer in Liberalism as taking from Steve's tax payers to give to Stephane's tax slurpers, where it has to be laundered through their ideological goo before their pretense of helping / aiding / doing good / investing in ...... ?

When is the MSM going to explore the negative, not just the positive, of massive immigration? Start with what I hear is about to happen in the Maritimes.

For a peek at Canada's future under Liberal government, read at least the last three paragraphs: Liberal intefadeh, Ezra Levant, Nov. 14, 05, via newsbeat1

This is the same article as the above, it seems.

Liberal pipe dream -- or "Nation's troubles could offer glimpse of a future Canada", by Ezra Levant, Oct. 30, 2005

The international media no longer start the news with France's riots, though they continue nightly.

[....] France, by contrast, has done everything it can to mask the true nature of its own problems -- a large and unassimilated mass of Muslim immigrants, in which a hard core of Islamic fascists operate.

Estimates vary as to the number of Muslims in France. The CIA's world factbook estimates it to be as high as six million. Other social scientists put the number as high as eight million. In 2004, French counter-intelligence estimated al-Qaida alone had 40,000 recruits in France that were engaged in paramilitary training. [....]

Search: an average that masks two realities , importing close to a million extra immigrants

Note: Liberal Immigration Minister Judy Sgro was followed by Joe Volpe but exactly which one decided this, you'll have to check. I think it was Volpe.


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