July 08, 2006

July 8, 2006: Taking Canada Back

Lengthy, worth reading. You may not agree with all he writes but he has some intriguing information which he has spent a long time researching. He claims he is unaffiliated with any political party; I get the sense that he cares very much about Canada, as do I. You might learn something from him. Do not miss the information he gives about himself, as well.

I think I came to this via newsbeat1 ... but I forget ... and it is a hot weekend so ........

Who am I?

I am a professional Canadian artist of more than 42 years. My ancestry is Irish and Anishinabe Ojibway. I believe in the Constitution Act of 1867 and I love my country.
Updated July 1, 2006

TakingCanadaBack.ca has one objective, to return Canada to the kind of country envisioned by our Founding Fathers. It seems difficult for most Canadians to understand clearly what is happening in North America today because they have been taught all their lives that the world works in a much different way than it actually does. Let's look at some recent examples in Canada.

There have been two decisions made by two Canadian prime ministers that are particularly troubling and go against the spirit of the Constitution Act of 1867. If either of these men had honored their oath when taking office they would not have done what they did. These two decisions have been the cause of most of the problems we are facing today - street gangs, crime, terrorism, loss of individual freedoms, immigration of criminals and terrorists, rampant socialism, out of control multiculturalism, loss of sovereignty. I could go on... [....]

Times are not good in Canada anymore. Crime is rampant on our streets; we are no longer safe in our homes; membership in street gangs is increasing; more criminals are being allowed into Canada daily, as if we didn't have enough of our own; corruption has been brought into the very halls of government; our freedoms are being curtailed; our country is losing her sovereignty; and a large part of our population have been bought off by promises of easy social payments and the false safety of the nanny state. It gets worse. [....]

These puppet masters are headed up by a small group of inbred, ultra-secretive, fabulously wealthy families around the world, less than two hundred it has been said. They are part of the top 13 Illuminati bloodlines. When you hear and read about the New World Order you should think of these people. Their objective is a one world government and borderless countries where no individual freedoms exist.

These people use blackmail and bribery to control key politicians and beaurocrats and through them our governments. They use fear and propaganda dispersed through the media to control the people. [....]

Below this elite group are several layers of rich, powerful people who are the first lines of facilitators. They also have wealth and power but wield it in a much more open manner. They exert enormous, almost total influence on world affairs. They are the generals of the New World Order. They attend private, secret meetings with the top elite.

One of these individuals is Canadian. [....]


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