July 08, 2006

July 8, 2006: Ethnic Cleansing In Ontario

With comments July 05, 2006

[....] The message being sent by the Ontario government in appeasing these criminals is loud and clear - "either we buy you out, or they'll burn you out."

A reminder for those commentors who seem ignorant of the history of the illegal occupation of Caledonia, via Dust My Broom;

The continued occupation of a disputed tract of land in Caledonia by aboriginal protesters in the face of an earlier finding that they are in contempt of court means that rule of law has still not been restored in the community, says the judge who issued the order.

And in a democracy, when court orders are not obeyed, “the court is not hurt by it. It is destroyed by it. There will be a return to rule of law,” Mr. Justice T. David Marshall of the Ontario Superior Court said at a hearing yesterday as he ordered parties to return to court on July 24. [....]

See small dead animals for the link to Dust My Broom. He's good.


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