July 08, 2006

July 8, 2006: Canada too soft on cartels ...

Report: Competition Bureau falls to 14th place from 9th Peter Koven, Financial Post, July 07, 2006

[....] They were especially concerned about cartel enforcement. The bureau issued a total of 2-million in fines to alleged cartels, a low number compared with other agencies, the survey said.

"[Cartel] cases take 42 months to complete, which is exceptionally long and users confirm that many cases are limping forward without any resolution.

[....] The average abuse of dominance case took two years to close. Stakeholders argued that's too long, "Particularly if the agency doesn't get a 'result.' "

Perhaps the most serious concerns were with the bureau's staff. Respondents said they were worried it has lost "a great number of senior people over recent years" that were replaced with "younger and less-knowledgeable staff." [....]

So re-hire those with the knowledge ... Canada needs to end putting out to pasture people who still want to work and who have a lifetime of background, experience and know how.


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