July 06, 2006

July 6, 2006: Bud Talkinghorn: David Harris -&- Islam

The politically incorrect CSIS chief, David Harris, is interviewed

David Harris is the ex-CSIS chief for strategic planning. He has been trying to sound the warning about the radicalization of Canadian Muslims for years. In an interview with Maclean's Magazine (June 19, 2006, pp 16-17 ) he expressed some of his misgivings about Canadians' naivete in the face of this gathering threat. I will touch on a few of his most salient points. Harris claims that about 80% of Canada's mosques are controlled by virulently-anti-Western Wahhabi imams. They are funded mainly by the Saudis--the same people who funded al-Qaeda. The greatest danger as he sees it, is that Muslims tend to give over their children to these "teachers". That is a recipe for radicalization of impressionable youth. He also sees a ghetto mentality building up as the various Muslim-Canadian organizations create a near-hysteria about "a backlash" against their community. Other than a few isolated vandalizations of mosques, there has been no backlash. Harris states: "It's not clear whether it's by design or accident that this kind of behaviour has been sustained."

Even more appalling is what he sees as "a burlesque on the theme of political correctness" A case in point was the Toronto police chief trying to pretend that the arrests of the 17 accused terrorists had nothing to do with Islam. Harris's blunt assessment of this absurd stance is "...we are not showing comparable determination (to defeat terrorism) . Political correctness in counter-terrorism could kill us."

He sees twin problems confronting any coherent approach to home grown terrorism. "One of the things is to deal with the near out-of-control immigration and refugee system." He doesn't believe that we can handle the vast numbers that come from anti-liberal, anti-democratic Islamic cultures, which stream into Canada in ever greater numbers. As an example he gives this statistic: "That number (of refugee claimants) has gone from 500 in 1977 to 29,000 this year." He doesn't mention the near impossibility of getting rid of the gangsters, fraudsters and potential terrorists, who launch endless appeals against their deportations. The (Liberal) government(s) tried, for obvious election reasons, to hide the huge costs to the taxpayer, or the danger to Canadians of these people. His second major concern is for liberal elements to honestly face the truth of our sleeper enemy. He concludes: "..without honesty we're lost. And the enemy knows that too, and that's why some of their sophisticated elements are playing us for all we're worth."

© Bud Talkinghorn--Surely, our historical memory is strong enough to recall Neville Chamberlain promising the British "Peace in our time"--if Europe would just appease Hitler and his murderous Nazi ilk.

A sad statistic for a sad London bombing anniversary

July 7th is the anniversary of the London tube terrorist attack. However, there is not universal disgust with these homegrown bombers. In a poll taken of more than 2,000 Britons this week by the Populous polling firm, it was found that 13% of British Muslims, or more than 100,000 adults, think that the July 7 bombers should be regarded as martyrs. This poll is in line with one taken by The Telegraph newspaper two days after the bombings. That one also showed that a majority of British Muslims despised British culture and a frightening number would not have turned in the terrorists if they had knowledge of that imminent attack. It is only when their identities are not protected that they suddenly become the soul of intergrated immigrants, who decry any violence against their fellow citizens. These two polls have alarmed the British public. If Canadians could abandon their ostrich position they would be terrified also. I suspect that our former government had done similar polling about Muslim immigrant attitudes towards Canada, but hid the result to avoid any anti-Muslim immigration backlash. On the other hand, if no government has conducted such a poll, maybe now is the time. You cannot fight a "fifth column" that goes unidentified.

We are in Afghanistan because we know that amongst the Afghan populous there are the nihilistic Taliban trying to drag the country back to the Dark Ages again. If they win, then their al-Qaeda allies will have a giant base for attacks against the West. Meanwhile, the enemy in our midst, even without a confirming poll, have signalled their anti-democratic stances through their actions and deep paranoia. Our efforts to find and arrest potential terrorists is often met with suspicion in our Muslim communities. If in doubt, just check out Ali Hindy, the imam of the Salaheddin mosque in Toronto. He regularily castigates our security officials and still doesn't believe Arabs were the architects of 9/11. He nourishes this culture of victimhood. Hindy is simply the most famous of the Wahhabi-influenced imams--there are others who preach intolerance and isolationism in mosques across Canada. Something must be done to uproot these xenophobic clerics. As it stands they flout every one of the hate laws we have.

We can afford no appeasement in our fight against radical Islam.

© Bud Talkinghorn


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