July 06, 2006

July 6, 2006: Mozart music-video style

Mozart, by way of Sin City -- Are you ready for the Queen of the Night, shot music-video style? Canadian director Kevin Sullivan's new film adaptation of The Magic Flute brings computer-generated effects to the classic opera Kate Taylor, July 4, 06

[....] "When we are shooting the Queen of the Night, it's like we are shooting a music video," he added, referring to the flamboyant character who sings some of the opera's best-loved arias. "The camera is down her throat, the camera is up her nostrils." Sullivan wants to match the excitement of Mozart's music with spectacular effects -- when the Queen of the Night hits a high note, the screen will appear to smash -- and looked for ways to update baroque stage devices. For example, there's a scene in the opera where three spirits (usually played by angelic children) fly onto the stage, an effect often created with some painted clouds and a trapeze. On film, Sullivan will use thousands of digitally generated bubbles for their entrance. [....]

Nothing is sacred ... couldn't have those aging, overweight singers when there might be a Shania look-alike out there ...

[....] To give his story a contemporary appeal that matches the special effects, he wanted young performers to play the romantic roles rather than the more senior singers who will star in the Opera Atelier show. Pynkoski suggested that he go to the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. There Sullivan discovered Asselin, who is still completing her degree in opera. She will do most of the onscreen singing for her role, and will sing in the chorus for the stage production. [....]


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