July 05, 2006

July 5, 2006: Dear Outraged Anonymous

Re: July 4, 2006: Reaping what we sow -- I attempted to post a response to your comment but it did not show up so here is my response.

I did question: "Perhaps it is time to bring back a wrathful Judeo-Christian Deity? Something has to put some fear of consequences into these young people ... if the parents, the community, the state do not." Note the use of "perhaps" and "if"

It was a question inviting a solution -- any reasonable solution to a pressing problem in our society. I am neither advocating for any particular religion nor demanding a return to what you so obviously hate. I am asking for solutions. What we have now is not working for the good of society.

Your outrage might be better directed at the lack of respect displayed in the example posted and in many other areas of civic and social life. Explain how you would develop respect in society.

I mention a Judeo-Christian deity because it is on that base that our freedoms, democracy, tolerance and other positives have developed. I do not see these qualities in several societies that did not begin with the Judeo-Christian deity. Those countries may have many fine qualities, but the freedoms and democracy that I and others hold dear emanated from reason applied and built upon that Judeo-Christian base.


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