July 04, 2006

July 4, 2006: Reaping what we sow

'A national disgrace' -- Veterans renew calls for security at war memorial after Canada Day revellers defile 'sacred' place Shannon Proudfoot, The Ottawa Citizen; with files from The Canadian Press, July 03, 2006

Furious veterans are renewing their demands that the National War Memorial be guarded to protect it against "disgusting" assaults after young men were caught urinating on it during Canada Day festivities.

A retired major snapped digital pictures of several people relieving themselves on the monument around 11 p.m. on Saturday, as thousands poured into the streets following the fireworks. [....]

"The tomb is a sacred place, the area surrounding it is consecrated as a graveyard. It's the same as if you went in and urinated on someone's grave." [....]

This fits in with the direction Canadian society has been moving for many years. There is something seriously wrong with our young. Too many respect nothing and no-one. They believe in nothing above and beyond themselves ... perhaps only in the pursuit of pleasure ... having learned not to curb any of their urges. The state has accomplished what it set out to do--abolish any absolute right and wrong posited by any God ... replacing it with respect for no authority except the leftist state, its pork and nanny programs, its rights without responsibilities Charter ... its acceptance of wrong as right, of deviance as normal, of anything except our traditions. The state has stripped official ceremonies of any calls to a higher being termed a God*. It has removed the idea of a God-given idea of right and wrong from our schools, but not replaced it with an equivalent source for judging right and wrong. The state has de-emphasized the family and finally, destroyed the idea of family as headed by a father and a mother, each with a sphere of responsibility and excellence. Instead, we have allowed the state teach values--which are, it seems, morally and ethically neutral--and our young and the rest of us have learned to accept little personal responsibility for our actions, no blame ... and the state issues lesser and lesser sanctions, less deterrent punishment, despite horrendous wrong doing ... We have replaced a society's censure, its righteous anger and the need to show it, with a societal wail about victimology and root causes ... What do we have left?

* Remember the official ceremonies in Halifax after an air disaster a few years ago where Christian clergy were warned against mentioning their Christian God? Instead, our state expects and has taught our young to equate all religious beliefs as equally valid in Western society, even those calling for our submission and/or demise.

Perhaps it is time to bring back a wrathful Judeo-Christian Deity? Something has to put some fear of consequences into these young people ... if the parents, the community, the state do not.

What follows fits in here.

The fact that Dieudonné Mbala Mbala is actually able to get laughs--to be invited to a comedy festival in Quebec--to be featured on a CBC Radio Canada talk show which is part of CBC Canada and paid for by all Canadians says volumes about the state of right and wrong in Canada. Does nothing outrage anyone any more?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It outrages me that you think bringing religion back into the equation will actually help. You can thank capitalism for people's greed and lack or responsibility.

Wed Jul 05, 01:07:00 PM 2006  
Blogger News Junkie Canada said...

Dear Outraged Anonymous,

I did question: "Perhaps it is time to bring back a wrathful Judeo-Christian Deity? Something has to put some fear of consequences into these young people ... if the parents, the community, the state do not."

It was a question inviting a solution -- any reasonable solution to a pressing problem in our society. I am neither advocating for any particular religion nor demanding a return to what you so obviously hate. I am asking for solutions. What we have now is not working for the good of society.

Your outrage might be better directed at the lack of respect displayed in the example posted and in many other areas of civic and social life. Explain how you would develop respect in society.

I mention a Judeo-Christian deity because it is on that base that our freedoms, democracy, tolerance and other positives have developed. I do not see these qualities in several societies that did not begin with the Judeo-Christian deity. Those countries may have many fine qualities, but the freedoms and democracy that I and others hold dear emanated from reason applied and built upon that Judeo-Christian base.

Wed Jul 05, 02:39:00 PM 2006  

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