June 30, 2006

June 30, 2006: Criminal? -&- Imams

Criminal Intent Posted 6/27/2006

National Security: A lot of words have been used to describe media behavior in revealing government secrets in the war on terror. "Irresponsible," "reprehensible" and "disgraceful" are just a few. How about "criminal"?

[....] But we were aghast at the rationale offered by New York Times Editor Bill Keller: It was, he said, in the "public interest."

We rather doubt that. Fact is, the Times has now published three stories in the last year and a half that revealed details of secret programs in the war on terror. In so doing, it has put terrorists on notice they're being watched, thereby giving them an incentive to alter their behavior and become tougher to catch.

How's that in the "public interest"?

The ugly 17--Canada's homegrown terrorists -- "Good Muslims, moderate Muslims—call them what you wish—want the same thing the Jihadists want; they want an all-Muslim world."

[....] Time for a little history lesson: Every time Moe Howard poked Curley in the eye, Curley knew where it came from. Every time Islam pokes Canada in the yet, the Canadian government looks at Larry, asks to see the script (the Qur’an), can’t find anything but peace and toleration, apologizes for its insensitivity for suspecting anything at all, sits back and awaits the next finger in the eye—or a ton or two of ammonium nitrate. [....]

Not a single Muslim in all of Canada knew what was going down—except for the conspirators. The 40 to 50 families that frequented the mosque, the lawyers, the imams, the women in the burqas, knew nothing from nothing. It was the chat-room observers and the Royal Mounted that exposed the vermin to the light of day. Someone in the Muslim community must have known something; 750,000 Muslims cannot be kept in the dark unless they want it that way.

I think he's got it. Ali Hindy was on TV today, outraged ... that another imam, Sheikh Riyadh ul-Haq, Muslim hatred dispenser, couldn't come to Canada to foment more hatred and jihad. CTV obliges the Muslim dissemblers of Canada -- giving a platform to spew. To add insult to that, there's that oozing respect tone ... or is it a fawning tone I sense? Perhaps just fear that if they don't make nice ... the peaceful ones will be even more peaceful?


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