June 30, 2006

June 30, 2006: "Sniveling before Islam"

Those were the words used by one reviewer about political correctness in a review of Oriana Fallacci's book, The Force of Reason.

Standing With the Heroine June 30, 2006, by Dymphna, on Gates of Vienna.
Gates of Vienna: At the siege of Vienna in 1683 Islam seemed poised to overrun Christian Europe. We are in a new phase of a very old war.

Through no desire of her own, Oriana Fallaci will spend her final days as the focus of a trial in her native country. She has been charged with defaming Islam in eighteen separate statements in her book, The Force of Reason.

Defamation is the politically correct term for telling unpleasant truths about extremely thin-skinned cultures who refuse to acknowledge that their own leaders have previously proclaimed what Fallaci says is their goal: the subjugation of Western civilization. Surely everyone by now has heard the imams in Britain who boldly state that their goal is to have the flag of Allah flying from No. 10 Downing Street, or the grandiose “speeches” from Osama bin Laden telling the West how Islam will conquer us all. Not to mention Iranian leaders who scold American presidents and warn of our destruction, or the inciteful propaganda put out on a global basis by Saudi Arabia.

However, in our Alice in Wonderland world, such statements are not hate speech. Killing Jewish Frenchmen after torturing them is not anti-Semitism. Israel’s incursion into Gaza to retrieve its soldier is “revenge.” [....]

Now Fallaci’s book has her on trial in Italy. She faces prison time — should she return to Italy — for saying things like this: “Over the last twenty years terrorists have killed six thousand people to the glory of the Qur’an.” Such are the strictures binding free speech in Europe that even factual statements or tentative opinions can get you in trouble via the “anti-incitement laws,” laws which can mean imprisonment: [....]

Think about laws in Canada against hate crime ... where truth is no excuse. Well, maybe some of us are willing to speak truth anyway. Let the chips fall where they may. I hate the sniveling before Islam that I see ... and the similar sniveling before a few other groups ... Name your own particular pet whingers, the protected in the face of reality minorities. I have had enough of it.

Enough of Islam's barbarous treatment of women ... the endless hatred of Western society voiced by the more radical of Mohammed's followers ... and as we have found of the poll of British Muslims after the bombings, silently-held by the majority, the calls to jihad even within our own society ... the pious dissemblers and their dissembling ... in the face of evidence to the contrary ... Don't talk to people like me about honour and killing the victim of rape in the same sentence ... nor about women as an occasion of sin for the lads whose urges seems to need little encouragement if they have to blame women for them, their control being impossible it seems ... Don't talk to me about how peaceful Islam is in the face of worldwide evidence to the contrary ... Get rid of Islam's sick underbelly and reform/modernize it ... Stop calling us racists and claiming to be the victims of backlash ... Frankly, you ain't seen nothing in the backlash department, considering what we know ... Islam's adherents must change if they want to live in our society, be hired and trusted ... One could go on. Enough!

Visit www.intl.orianafallacitrial.org and join in support of Oriana Vallaci and free speech.

“The end of free speech - the end of democracy”.

Orianna Fallaci: The Force of Reason -- and other books


# Hardcover: 290 pages
# Publisher: Rizzoli (March 7, 2006)
# Language: English
# ISBN: 0847827534

Review by Kat Bakhu

There are two groups that are going to really hate this book. One are the Islamists who divide humanity into two groups: the People of Paradise and the People of Hell. And who insist that their beliefs alone are off-limits when it comes to critical inquiry. The second group is the multiculturalists and relativists, who do not find anything particular valuable in Western Culture over any other culture (including those who kill a daughter who has been raped to preserve "honor".)

So who WILL like this book? Those who do deeply cherish Western culture as it has developed through the US constitution, who value the hard won freedom and autonomy of the individual, who believe that women are the equals of men and should be treated as so, and those who believe that humanity reaches its greatest heights when the human mind is left free. [....]


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