July 05, 2006

July 5, 2006: Pakistani player steps up jihad

Militant group has been linked to arrests in Canada, U.K., U.S. Stewart Bell, National Post, July 05, 2006


[....] Just as the terrorists captured before and immediately after 9/11 had almost all passed through Osama bin Laden's boot camps in Afghanistan, today suspects targeted by Western intelligence agencies are increasingly graduates of Lashkar camps in Pakistan.

From the Virginia Jihad Network in the United States to an Australian cell broken up by police and arrests last month in the United Kingdom, a common denominator has been Lashkar-e-Tayyiba. A number of suspects associated with the alleged Toronto cell are also thought to have links to prominent members of Lashkar and a few may have travelled to Pakistan for training.

In addition, an al-Qaeda recruiting DVD that witnesses have said was handed out at the Salaheddin Islamic Centre by alleged Toronto terror ringleader Fahim Ahmad makes mention of "our brothers" in Kashmir. Lashkar was also a topic of discussion on Al-Tibyyan, a jihadist Internet forum used by several Canadian suspects. [....]

Detailed -- worth reading.


Anonymous Jack said...

Good one -- you're my blogger tomorrow. I missed this.

Wed Jul 05, 07:35:00 PM 2006  

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