July 06, 2006

July 6, 2006: Heritage Minister Oda & CBC

Heritage Minister cancels review of CBC mandate on PM's order -- Effect of new technologies to be studied instead -- expected to be completed by December.

OTTAWA - Heritage Minister Bev Oda is believed to have set aside plans to launch a mandate review of the CBC.

[....] "The government will not be bound to fund the CBC at any level, especially in light of the fact we are about to undertake a review of the CBC's mandate," said Ms. Oda's parliamentary secretary, Jim Abbott, who wrote a report calling for massive cuts and restructuring to CBC television in 2003.

[....] "We are talking not only about broadcasting, but the arts, publishing and new media, as well as many new technologies and techniques not yet even conceived of," Ms. Oda said during the debate. [....]

Ah, gee, and the Friends of Canadian Broadcasting were getting ready to ramp up interest. As long as the public broadcaster is a biased leftist propaganda organ, it is not a public broadcaster.

Every day, like clockwork, I note CBC's readers of the news and sundry reporters work to find any negative possible and any tie-in to the US that they can find in order to manufacture reason to distrust the current Harper government. Did you know PM Harper was in Quebec for their St. Jean Baptiste day celebrations to "try" to gain voters, according to CBC spin? The fact that PM Harper went to the region whose local landowners and farmers actually asked for help because they were losing RCMP detachments under the former government's Security Min. Anne McLellan might have had more to do with it. He is attempting to deliver more security; perhaps they are happier about his security moves. That region of Quebec is an area plagued by marijuana or other drug smuggling and/or grow-op businesses if I remember correctly.


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