July 06, 2006

July 6, 2006: Qatar & Al Qaeda

Qatar is paying off Al Qaeda

According to the Sunday Times, the government of Qatar—home of Al Jazeera—is paying protection money to Islamic terrorists. (Hat tip: Scaramouche.)
THE government of Qatar is paying millions of pounds a year to Al-Qaeda in return for an undertaking to spare it from further terrorist attacks, official sources in the wealthy Gulf state claimed last week.

The money, paid to spiritual leaders sympathetic to Al-Qaeda, is believed to be helping to fund its activities in Iraq. [....]

Peace in our time ... Neville Chamberlain ... You may have learned in school what followed that peace ... or have Canadians been too busy learning how citizens of the West are the oppressors of the rest of the world ... when they're not oppressing Canada's natives, being racist or targeting sundry other minority groups ... and by the way, we owe everyone else ..... the UN's global preachers tell us so.


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