July 07, 2006

July 7, 2006: London Marks Bombing Anniversary ...

With Wreath-Laying, Silence -- "The U.K. will observe two minutes of silence at noon to remember the victims of suicide bombings that killed 52 people and injured more than 700 in London a year ago." July 7 (Bloomberg)

Meanwhile, via Al Jazeera, the peaceful ones offered their usual peace initiatives ...

[....] One of the bombers, Shehzad Tanweer, was shown on a videotape broadcast by al-Jazeera yesterday threatening further attacks until the U.K. pulls its troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq. The tape included an acknowledgement by Osama bin Laden's deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri, that Tanweer and another July 7 bomber, Mohammed Sidique Khan, were trained in al-Qaeda's camps. [....]

Sick, sick, sick -- I just heard that reporters went to mosques in Leeds, home of three of the terrorists. One mosque had a sermon but the imam did not mention the bombing. In another mosque--remember, it is Friday prayer time--there was vehement protest from the imam against such barbarism. Reporters went to other mosques and they had locked their doors ... no response ... only silence ... which speaks volumes. Listen to the silence.

What does that say about Muslims as citizens of a Western democracy? ... What should be our response? ...


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