February 02, 2006

The death cult people meet the death wish people -&-Brother, can you spare a dime? -&- Blasphemy

Hamas: "Brother, can you spare a dime?"

Don't you just love it when an elected terrorist organization, committed to stamping out the only real democracy in the Middle East, wants the West to keep bankrolling it? Of course their best friends are the crazy Shi'ite Iranian theocracy and the equally insane Sunni Wahhabis from Saudi Arabia. The fact that one wants to obliterate Israel with nuclear weapons and the other the West with al-Qaeda shouldn't be held against them, surely. Every new political party needs friends. The EU might go along with this plea, if they can sufficiently distance themselves from their craven decision, e.g. only give to the pro-Palestinian NGOs. As Lyndon Johnson said (when all was lost in Vietnam), "You wouldn't want to change horses in mid-stream, would you?"

How moderate and concerned with the average Palestinian, Hamas is can be seen from their latest pronouncements. One said that Palestinians can do without any trade with the Zionist Israelis. Gee, does that mean the electricity and water that Israel supplies, or the majority of imports that Israel provides? Maybe the EU can provide those. Because Hamas sure as h*** can't. Their mindless race to the bottom of the progress pool is already in full swing. "The Taliban 'r'' us" seems to be the message they are sending. Correct me, but didn't the Americans support the mujahedeen (Taliban-in-waiting) during their fight with the Russians? The Taliban's gratitude: al-Qaeda and Sept. 11. In my mind's eye I can see the more progressive Palestinians lining up at Western embassies to get out.

© Bud Talkinghorn

Canada's response to Hamas

Stephen Harper has his first international crisis decision to make. His election and Hamas's converged. I can only hope that he has the fortitude to dismiss this vehement terrorist organization. It was only the lesser of two true evils that the Palestinians chose. They may wither into some Somalian facsimile, but they got rid of the bloodsucking PLO. Arafat, their corrupt major domo for decades is still, by some perverse double think, revered.

Decent Canadians still have to try to forget the Liberals' disgraceful pandering to the UN thugocracies' annual condemnation of Israel--the sole human rights abuser, you understand. But, of course, if the Consevatives use common sense and firewall this extremist group, they will be pilloried by our liberal / Liberal media as Bush stooges. The classic example of you can't win, if you don't kowtow to their special "sensitivity" to the Palestine issue. The death cult people meet the death wish people. My advice to our new PM is to stay the course and stand up for a democracy that respects everyone's rights; not for a theocracy that crushes them.

© Bud Talkinghorn

Martin's final hurrah

The press conference Martin gave exposed his residual arrogance. Fate, more than the Liberals' corruption and vast waste of tax dollars, brought his government down. He had nothing to apologize for. The Conservatives will bring a meanness into Canada, blah, blah, blah. He and certain Liberals have brought politics to a new low, but he has the nerve to still talk about "values". Possibly more shameless than Chretien. Who would have thought it?

© Bud Talkinghorn

Blaspheming Mohammed

The Danish cartoons may have been a bit overboard, to some, but their basic messages resonated with millions of non-Muslims. Unfortunately, the world-wide slaughter of innocent Christians, Hindus, (and for variety Thai Buddhists), has created an image of mindless zealots running the show in many Islamic countries. Now Islamic countries are calling for firing the cartoonist, while threatening harmless Danish citizens. I wish they would get as worked up over black Muslims being massacred, raped, and driven into exile in Darfur. What about a fatwa against Islamic extremists who behead Christian schoolgirls in Indonesia? The list of Islamic atrocities against other religions is endless, although the murdering of children in Beslan will always remain their nadir. I know that the war in Chechnya is dirty on both sides, but what kind of animals target children?

This whole cartoon brouhaha reminds me of the savagery that erupted in Nigeria, where one silly woman's comments on Mohammed led to dozens of Christian Nigerians being hacked to death on the streets of northern towns, and their churches burnt down. It is almost as though any excuse to run amok and kill the infidels is a good one. For all their talk about tamping down fundamentalists, the Saudis still fund radical Wahhabi Islamists all over the world. Lest the Jews feel neglected in their victimhood, it has to said that every branch of Islam calls for their extinction. That way the different sects could get back to killing each other, as in Iraq. I often feel that the only thing holding back religious civil war is the united hatred of Israel. What would Muslim states do without it to externalize all that anger from their citizens at living in failed states? The image of Islam will change when the face of peace appears more clearly. Otherwise, Islam's reputation has not hit the bottom floor yet.

Killing Christians and secularists is one thing; asking them to self-censor their growing anger and disgust is another. Danish Muslims could always protest by going back to their home countries, however, I wouldn't count on that. Better a little ridicule than that fate.

© Bud Talkinghorn--Even as I write this, word has come out that masked men (the true face of Hamas) have kidnapped a German citizen and shot up the Danish embassy. The comparison with Muslim-Nigerians may not be far off. The Europeans are vacating Gaza right now.

These guys are sick, sick, sick. Their highest aim? To die and go to the heavenly houris. What houri would want such terrorists? And what mother would applaud her son's joining the rush? NJC


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