January 29, 2006

No Indoctrination: Three

Languages in Quebec


"the best way to protect the future of the language is to protect it by law and tie it to a Quebec citizenship.".... "The commission's report suggested that the English language should be officially recognized in a Quebec constitution or Charter of Rights as that of Quebec's "national minority," while French should become the official language of citizenship in the province." ....

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... "the government recognized the right of the aboriginal peoples to autonomy in Qu├ębec, the right to their culture, language and traditions. This is what the preamble into Charter of French Language says about Aboriginal nation rights."

What is that about Quebec citizenship? When did Quebec begin to issue citizenship? That is under federal contol -- or has that changed? What does the above mean and what are the implications? Note that English will become a minority language. It looks as though Innu-amun, the language of the Quebec Inuit (of some if not all), will also be a minority language. Where does that lead? What does it mean to the rest of Canada?

This is relevant. Check here for more. There is much more, if you check the whole carefully. Note in particular, links to the WTO, GATS

Check this link to see to what resources students were directed.

"Languages in Quebec" -- Is there a corresponding link to information on the problems Anglophones have in trying to work for their own federal government? To the civil servants who are sidelined because 1/5 of Canada demands and has demanded bilingualism in any federal positions. This has meant, in practice, that 4/5 of Canadians must become French speaking to work for their own government--to even apply. There have been articles in the Ottawa Sun and in the Western Standard, Canadians for Language Fairness website, and probably elsewhere on this subject. Do the students see these?

It does seem that one view has been paramount. Is this the only perspective to which students have been exposed? Perhaps I missed another point of view so check for yourself.

Note that there is no population information on the number of aboriginals to whom Quebec's language laws would apply. Check what will happen under the UNESCO protocol. I have written before (Dec. 18, 06) on the plans for languages promoted particularly by the former Heritage Department and UNESCO under the misnomer of "Cultural Diversity". (It is actually designed to gain more control and to protect some industries.) Will all the plans lead to a more unified Canada? To aboriginals who may join the mainstream economy? To a Canada that is broken into several linguistic communities and realities? Which way do you think all this is leading?



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