January 29, 2006

No Indoctrination: Two

Note: One of the reasons there are jpegs/jpgs posted here is that one never knows when a website may change.

There were--maybe still are--links to:

CRIC.ca -- Centre for Research and Information on Canada
Nodice Election Website -- to vote -- Search further using Google
Canadian Unity Council
Citizens Assembly of BC
Fair Vote Canada
and more

Student Vote: Who decided there was there a need that could not be fulfilled by regular classroom activities--civics, history, economics and other courses having a democracy component? Since it did NOT encompass all schools in Canada, how were the schools chosen? Should parents' views be included in anything like this? Should they have been consulted?

Who instigated this initiative which culminated in a cross-pollination of the Department of Heritage, a few businesses, some educators, some unions, some schools but not all, and Elections Canada? Why would Elections Canada allow the use official ballots? Is this an Elections Canada version of reality TV?

Elections Canada, Canadian Heritage, EnCana Corporation, Scotiabank .......

Do you suppose the views of the people of whom David Warren writes were mentioned in the classrooms and online where students were taught about the politics, political policies and platforms that were at issue in this election?

David Warren: How to Vote Jan. 23, 06, RealClearPolitics

As one of the precious few “social conservatives” writing in the Canadian mainstream media, I am deluged with mail from disenfranchised people.

There are, I would estimate, many million people in this country who still hold views that were fairly universally held a couple of generations ago -- against abortion on demand, same-sex “marriage”, pornography in public places, among many other issues.
Who think men are men and women are women, and that both are degraded when they are forced to exchange their natural roles. Who are more favourably disposed to the United States than to the average fashionable Third World dictatorship. Who are not instinctively offended by the existence of our military, or our police. Who understand risk and reward. Who are proud of what their ancestors achieved in this country. Who work for a living, and resent the fact that most of the high taxes they pay go to purposes and programmes they find abhorrent. [. . . . ]

455,000 Future Voters Cast Their Ballots in Parallel Election

[. . . . ] Several hundred campaign events were held in schools across the country to introduce students to local candidates and party platforms. Events included candidate forums, lunchtime “political parties” and in-class visits by returning officers. ....

The results of Student Vote 2006 will be released after the polls close on election night at www.studentvote.ca. [. . . . ]
Were all candidates invited and did those who wished take part? Was this only a select group in the high schools or other schools which took part?

Student vote with links for further election information

I decided to check a few links. Bearing in mind that mainstream media have revealed a leftist/liberal/Liberal/NDP slant, in my opinion, this Jan. 23 election (IMHO), then, what information, besides these mainstream sources, are students directed to? Could we say the mainstream media sources are unbiased? Chosen by whom? What are their networks? Very interesting highways and byways were evident. Are the mainstream media completely unbiased? What about non-mainstream media?

The UNESCO protocol on Cultural Diversity is adhered to by mainstream media, artists and artists' unions, some, if not all telephone companies (quebectel) and many more. They have a vested interest in seeing that a Liberal government be returned to power, in order that this be used to maintain their pre-eminent positions. This is one reason why it is worth checking further.

Links are inserted along with occasional comments below.

[....] Centre for Research and Information on Canada
[ http://www.cric.ca/ ]
Research about declining voter turnout and youth participation, daily headlines and coverage from the campaign. [ Whose choice of headlines and coverage? ]

http://www.cric.ca/en_html/carte.html -- a list of topics worth reading.

http://www.cric.ca/en_html/guide/language/quebec.html -- "Languages in Quebec" webpage with some interesting information.

If you dig deeper, there is a link to The Canadian Unity Council -- with interesting byways. See if you find Blue as well as Red Tories, along with the Liberals and other leftists. If students are to be informed, should there not have been?

Citizens Assembly of BC
Includes [t]eaching [sic] resources and startegies, animations and fact sheets designed to explain different electoral systems.

There have been other explorations of alternate systems in other provinces, not just in BC. Have those results been made known publicly to students and the citizenry? What input have citizens who have researched an alternate view been afforded an opportunity to make?

Were there any dissenting or alternate views on that site concerning proportional representation? Were there any arguments for retaining first past the post, the system which is in place now? Laurence Solomon wrote an interesting article on this, published in the National Post.

Fair Vote Canada
[ http://www.fairvotecanada.org/ ]
It is a mutli-partisan [sic] citizens' campaign for voting system reform. This site contains information about electoral reform and proportional representation. [....]

Nodice Election Website
[ http://www.nodice.ca/elections ]
Includes the [then] current list of federal ridings and nominated candidates, public opinion polls, current partyleaders, registered parties.

If you check the list of political parties, you will find a PC party which is not the former federal Progressive Conservative party. There are the Communist party and others.

Politics Canada
[ http://www.canadapages.com/ -- Try it yourself. ]

And [sic] independent source of information and opinion, latest polls from a variety of sources, and invites you to participate by contributing articles (we pay no fees) or commenting in our public forum.

Independent? Dig deeper. Note the blue outline below. Look at the topics which come up if you search Google. This was funded by the government (Liberal at the time), so what opinions werel your children/teenagers exposed to? Do you think there were or will be dissenting views, other than mildly dissenting? Perhaps a kind of faux balance.

Student vote link to CRIC.ca which, in turn, has several links to more information


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