April 01, 2004

Who Knows What Evil Lurks in the Hearts of Men?

Well, the British have a hunch -- after they broke up the Anglo-Pakistani terrorist group in England. Besides the suspects picked up, there was the discovery of 1000 lbs of ammonium nitrate. Mixed with fuel and set off, it destroys buildings. It had been used by other bomb makers in Istanbul, East Africa and Oklahoma. Massive casualties is the end message. This, in a country that allows crazy Islamic fundamentalists to stand in Hyde Park and advocate the overthrow of their adopted country. They want to impose a Taliban mentality over Britain. It isn't going to happen, but they are fanatics, so don't waste your time trying to debate with them. England, like all the western democracies, is seen to be impure and evil. Democracy? Women's freedom? Religious tolerance? These are all the devil words of the infidel. They want to kill you for what you cherish. It is a war we cannot afford to lose.

Nearly signed off too quickly there. Just heard the news that in the Auditor-General's new report there are extremely nightmarish instances of security lapses. I would have thought that, after Sept. 11th, we would not have allowed 4,500 people with criminal associations to have access to the restricted areas of five airports. These people, who load the plane's hold or bring in the food, should have been double or triple checked for any hint of criminality. What is the point of two hour passenger checks, when the guy who is cleaning out the plane is planting a bomb? We have to get on the ball in this country or we will have big problems.

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