April 01, 2004

Terrorism and the Left

The National Post ran a column on the Left's refusal to take the terrorism threat seriously (April 1, A14). The authors, Koch and Weissenberger, trace the left's equal blind spot to the horrors of Stalin's communism. Millions were sent to Siberia, while millions were assassinated or simply staved to death, as in the Ukraine. Yet, the Left managed to overlook all these atrocities and praise the advancement of the masses. Russia was seen as a model for the world. The fact that the last holdout countries for this ideology are the likes of Cuba, North Korea, and other failed states does not register with them. Just tweak the ideology a bit, they say, and you could have a paradise -- such as China.

The truth, to me anyway, is that the Left is so isolated in its dogma that it has to have not just a large tent; but rather, a huge tent. In that tent resides an array of the world's worst terrorists. When their plots to massacre innocent people (any infidel will do) are interrupted by the police, they can count on the Western Left to rally to their defense. Even media coverage of the arrests is called "systemic racism". The multicult crowd comes out with the "further need for everybody, especially the police, to be more sensitive to cultural attitudes". Any coordinated effort to find and de-activate these terrorist cells is deemed a "witch-hunt". The Khadr family should have been a wake-up call for us. They were depicted as humanitarians. The Al-Queda camps they frequented were merely advanced summer camps -- learn explosives rather than archery.

CBC Morning had a representative on from the Ottawa Pakistani community, who demanded, basically, that we become more circumspect in viewing them as potential suspects. What the NDP and the other lefties call "racial profiling". How xenophobic of us to not target Anglo-Saxon Canadians in investigations! And what about those hotbeds of terror and sedition, the churches? These are the absurd lines of logic the fringe left wants us to buy into.

The most chilling part of the column was the idea that this sensitivity had spread to our gatekeepers. The authors examine the case of Ahmed Ressam. "CSIS wiretaps provided minute details about the Montreal militant cell that spawned Ahmed Ressam. Ressam and his pals made big plans. Intelligence agents simply jotted them down as the culturally diverse trash-talk of your typical Islamo-hoser. No action required." Well, when he was caught on his bombing mission, he admitted that his group had thought of bombing parts of Montreal to create chaos and massive casualties. We can never again be so complacent and culturally "sensitive".

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