April 01, 2004

Our Viliglant IRB

The National Post had a article about some Nigerian immigrant to Canada, who scammed the Ontario government for $18 million. Seems he ran a bunch of schools that had phantom students and staff. He would make false applications for student assistance. He would then pocket the phantom kid's tuition share and give the rest to the kid, who never showed up for class. Does nobody check these characters out? How did he get into the country? On what pretext was he deemed a good bet? You will not get the answers from the current IRB collection of political hacks and friends. The system has to be tightened up and quickly. The train bombings in Spain and the discovery of a powerful fertilizer bomb, along with many suspects (British Muslims) should be a clarion call to reform our lax admission policies. Our leaders seem to have forgotten that we are on Osama's list for retaliation. Meanwhile, our IRB is its usual sieve for bogus refugees and immigrants.

© Bud


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