March 25, 2004

Holy Smoke Screen! Isn't it Time to Strip Sheik Yassin of his Spirituality?

Now if we Westerners could get past the Pope issuing a papal bull that called for the slaughter of Muslims amongst us, then we could embrace the Sheik's ideology; however, we are now too civilized to countenance such a statement from any religious leader. It's away too Middle-Agey for me anyway.

The world-wide support in the Muslim quarters for the Sheik is almost as shocking as the old terrorist mayhem. If these people really believe that a "spiritual" act in Islam is to board a bus of school kids and blow them up, or leave them with hideous wounds for life, then we are truly in a war of civilization versus murderous barbarity.

If the Palestinians didn't exist, the Arab world would have to invent them. There is a seething mass of illiterate peasants across the Middle-East who are inwardly furious at their disgacefully corrupt governments; therefore, their fury must be directed outwards. Voila, the Palestinians are trotted out. Every killer of Jews there is a glorious martyr.

Of course, Israel's enormous economic progress is built on the backs of the oppressed Palestinians. Peace and justice would reign in the newly-created Palestine, if a Taliban-esque theocracy were successful. All this propaganda is fed to the masses daily, with the collusion of religious leaders. After the obligatory demonstations about the Sheikh's assassination end, the populations of these countries will go back to grumbling in their gruel about their miserable lot at home. Should a flash point arise, another Israel-bashing demonstration will be scheduled. And again, they will take to the streets denouncing the Great Satan or the Zionist plot to take over Iraq. This is the face of our enemy. Scary thought, isn't it.

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