March 25, 2004

Hamas Supremo Killed -- Why Now?

I was stumped on this one, as were millions of others. A short while back, Sharon publically stated that the Sheikh's days of wheelchairing through the halls of terrorism was about to end. But we are back to why now?

By sheer luck, I tuned in to The BBC world news. There once again one is confronted by Susanna Hussain, the presenter. The BBC make-up crew have made a valiant attempt to liven her dead eyes and that humourless smile. The entire seven minutes up to the main interview was an appeal to emotion over the death. Finally, she got to a Middle-east analyst. The question is why pick this day. Ross put it succinctly. The last attack on the "plant" in an Israeli city, was really on a chemical plant that would have become an enormous bomb, and in turn, would have flattened whole adjacent areas. The death toll would have been in the hundreds, with thousands wounded. The Sheikh, whose hand is behind those outrages, had crossed a line. The discovery that Hamas had a massacre plan to surpass the Madrid train bombings was the final straw. The velvet glove of proportional response was off. Some Israeli official appeared on the screen and said, basically, "There is a long list of other terrorists that we will also eliminate." The stakes have risen on both sides. Don't count on that wall coming down soon.

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