March 24, 2004

Absolutely Unacceptable! Who Funds These Protesters?

Cops spray mob in Sgro's office -- Protesters trying to halt pal's deportation Jason Botchford, Toronto Sun, Mar. 23, 04

Police used pepper spray to clear out protesters who stormed Immigration Minister Judy Sgro's riding office yesterday and allegedly knocked out a 65-year-old security guard. Police said the guard was injured after he was pushed to the ground at the office on Finch Ave. W. when he tried to force out protesters attempting what they called a "peaceful sit-in" just after 10 a.m.

The protest was in support of Fahim Kayani, who was arrested last year along with 20 other foreign students, mostly from Pakistan, for allegedly posing a threat to national security. Kayani is to be deported to Pakistan today.

Eleven protesters were jointly charged with assault and two counts of mischief each. The mischief charges stem from damage to office furniture.

Last night police said they released three of the protesters. The other eight chose to remain in custody to appear in court this morning.

[. . . . ] The protesters were a mix of people from the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) and Project Threadbare, which is calling on Ottawa to exonerate and compensate the 21 students.

Project Threadbare's Amandeep Kaur said the guard's injuries were regrettable and only happened because the group was not allowed to make a point to Sgro.

Really! They have made their point in this activity and by their methods, ye shall know them. No more!!!

Just as a point of interest, does our own government(s) fund Project Threadbare with Canadians' tax dollars? Check it out. NJC


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