April 01, 2004

Dyane Adam and Bilingualism: Yo No Comprendo

If you want to move into the big leagues of social engineering, you have to deal with Canada's failed bilingualism policy. Like the gun registry, it is a program that has had billions poured into it, but with the same dismal results. Why, even one of the headmistresses of the nanny state, Dyane Adam, has confirmed this failure.

Forget the little Jasons and Suzis, who went through French immersion and couldn't order a hamburger in that language five years later. Adam is talking about the civil service. $23 million spent on language training and they all sit around and talk English. Even the francophones conduct most of their work in English. The horror! Well, this has to stop, according to Adam and her department. The very idea that English should remain the dominant language is anathema to Adam and her cohorts. The fact that English is so concise, so brief, and so flexible is lost on Dyane. It is the language of world commerce. Even the former French colonies in Asia have switched to English as a second language.

The cost of this failed language policy is unknown. If pushed hard enough, the government comes up with some lowball figure. However studies have shown how untold millions flow through secret programs, or into the hands of the (French) lobby groups. Years ago I read that every document for the frigate program had to be translated into French at the cost of well over a hundred million ($100,000,000 plus). Meanwhile, the draconian language laws of Quebec go unchallenged by Dyane Adam's commission.

Janice Tibbettts reports on The National Post's Online web that there is a lobby effort afoot to have the next Supreme Court appointee be an aboriginal. The name being bandied about is Justice Harry LaForme, the judge who brought us gay marriage. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. Here we would have a Supreme that is both pro-gay and pro-Native/Indian. He would fit in nicely with Justice Basterache, whose expertise is on Acadian rights. A departed female Supreme was an ardent feminist who said, "If a woman thinks she is being sexually assaulted, by look or deed, then she was." Glad that idea didn't get written into law. No more, he said--she said--just she said. Period.

The leftish nonsense that will flow out of this court, if he gets appointed for that politically correct reason is the true horror. No, I take that back. The true horror will be the vast wastage of billions on special interest groups that invariably catch the Justices' ears. The government should follow Churchill's dictum: A young man who isn't of the left has no heart. An old man who is still on the left has no head."

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