April 01, 2004

More Government Actions to Hobble You

There has been a shift by Canada's government into high gear when it comes to interfering in the lives of Canadians. Bill C-250, the gay anti-hate bill, that Svend Robinson got through on a private member's dispensation, will force the bill's opponents into a servile mode. Legitimate criticism of the gay lifestyle potentially will be criminalized. The government says that this will not affect religious dogma nor sermons on the subject. With our activist Supreme Court it will be insightful to see how long before that promise is broken. Don't you love it when gays protest that they have no agenda?

Mystery Woman tells me that the provincial government is considering demanding that building projects do an archeology study first -- in case there is a native artifact. You wouldn't want to be half way through a project and then discover an arrowhead or a burial pot fragment, would you? All this will add to the cost of the project, of course. Next, it will be the discovery that the hooded owl has to be protected. But then, what can we expect when a government spends a billion (and counting) on the useless gun registry? I know, I know; one is provincial, the other federal. It amounts to the same thing; there is only one taxpayer. Their economic attitude: Money? Heck, it's just paper and it's OPM*. If we run out, we will print up some more, or just raise taxes -- or maybe do both.

© Bud

* Other People's Money


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