April 11, 2004

Canadians, Welcome the Khadr Family

Well, despite Mama and daughter extolling the virtues of Pakistan--at least the fundamentalist side--it appears that Canada has beckoned once again. So Mama and junior terrorist have arrived so junior can spent a few hundred thousand of Canadian taxpayers' health dollars having his paralysis tended to. He received his paralysis when he was involved in the shoot out with the Pakistani army (14 soldiers killed).

Mama hates Canadians as much as Karim, her son does. Canada is the land of wickedness. She said she would prefer to raise her children in the poorest Pakistani village rather than have him grow up to be a dope-smoker or homosexual. [Is Waziristan not a center for nature's own grow-ops? Of course, the Pakistanis would never smoke this stuff, would they? NJC]

Now if this pair were to arrive in the United States they would be under immediate arrest. Not in dear, compassionate, multicultural Canada though -- not with the Liberal government in power. No, we already have one of the Khadr clan here, who admitted that he trained in al-Queda camps. He is still walking around free. I wonder if he has any friends here, who also did the al-Queda boy scout camps and would like to re-activate? Anyway I am sure it will be a joyous family reunion. Graham should be pressuring the Americans to let the other Khadr kid out of Gitmo. The old man might be dead; but they can still get a chuckle out of how he fooled Chretien. Oh, and the stories they could tell--scams, shoot-outs, jihadi chants. Let's not spoil their fun.

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