December 11, 2006

Dec. 11, 2006: Salim Mansur: United Nations ...

Complicity with Evil

Salim Mansur: UN is rotten to the core -- and a suggestion for Canada, Dec. 9, 2006

[....] Now, just weeks before his departure from the United Nations, [Kofi] Annan revealed how utterly depraved his politics are when he stated in a BBC interview Iraq is now worse than it was under Saddam Hussein. [....]

In his magnificent study of the United Nations -- Complicity with Evil: The United Nations in the Age of Modern Genocide -- Adam Lebor exposes the sheer bankruptcy of an organization founded to preserve the noblest aims of mankind. [....]

... these wretched violators of human rights, ... tearing each other apart ....

The United Nations is depraved and beyond reform.

democracies such as Canada should resign from the UN and construct a democratic coalition where victims of the hyenas might at least get an impartial hearing, consistent support and even, on occasion, genuine assistance.


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