December 10, 2006

Dec. 10, 2006: Media - CBC, RCMP, Zaccardelli, Christians


I began this while listening to TV ... and so, here are my thoughts on that before I get to the RCMP, etc. FHTR

Subtle Carole MacNeil ... who used her unique charms in the Maritimes before she graduated to big league subtlety

The mainstream media will keep you apprised of any negatives they can find, hint about, or otherwise comment on to drill it into your mind, in their efforts to damn ex-Chief Zaccardelli and to taint, if possible, the current Prime Minister. The words "Liberal government of the day" won't be heard much. No mention of politics at the top of the RCMP. Do check Paul Palango's book, The Last Guardians. More commentary on the RCMP below, but first, to the serpent, herself.

CBC's Carole MacNeil is on TV and doing her level best to imply that the last election was won for the Conservatives by an RCMP leak (I think I caught that. Check further). Warren Allmand of the International Civil Liberties ... (Org/Assn.? ... something ... and I'm guessing the group is supported by taxpayer funds ... OPM, being so handy) is being interviewed about the RCMP being "in crisis". There are two other interviewees. Check what they recommend. I did not hear a defence of those RCMP/CSIS who do their jobs with honour. It is as though the media stance on the RCMP/CSIS has been settled, that is, that the force is in crisis. Maybe there are problems, particularly as detailed by Palango, but that does not mean the whole force is in crisis. It has been the understaffing and underfunding that have created problems. Since Jean Chretien came to power, the funding was decimated, while at the top, the force may have become more politicized (Palango). They didn't mention this (that I caught), but there is mention of this idea in the print/online MSM -- an overseer or oversight group not part of the RCMP to be the new chief of the RCMP. Watch for it to be mentioned repeatedly.

Mr. Arar, who is suing the Canadian taxpayers for $37,000,000--originally he asked for over $400,000,000--is not suing the Syrian government, the torturers. Something is rotten in this; Canadians did not torture him. Despite the fact that Arar met with or was associating with Al Qaeda member(s), I believe, CBC doesn't mention that. Rather, he is now being treated as though the police had no reason to see him as a person of interest. The tone of outrage over his plight has been much developed since a Conservative government was sworn in.

Carole lacks subtlety; actually, she is quite obvious in her politicking on air using Conservative taxpayers' money, along with that from the rest. I did catch this; it was a classic example of CBC "face crime". The interview ended with a sour-faced Carole showing her disgust as she announced the next segment would be about the Christian RIGHT. ... The better to taint Conservatives through associating them with religion ... practicing Christians, my dears. ... The segment was entitled something like ' "Christian right" or "Christian army" marching on Ottawa' ... The segment mentioned: lobbying against abortion, for the age of consent to be raised, and of course, against same-sex marriage ... evangelicals ... lay claim to Stephen Harper ... "After all, he has attended evangelical churches" [or church] ... There is no level to which CBC will not stoop in order to try to taint Conservatives, if nothing else, by associating words in a sentence ... Brian Mulroney was correct about how the media treat Conservatives ... I see them helping to re-elect Liberals at every chance. That is not the job of a publicly funded supposed news broadcaster.

I caught the tone which I cannot put into words right now in this: "An orthodox Jew who once organized Stockwell Day's leadership campaign" Obviously to CBC, Jews and Christians are a negative influence in Canada, if the CBC tone said anything. It is as though anyone who believes in a Christian God or who is an orthodox Jew cannot get that unique CBC tone of respect they display for the followers of Mohammed.

See if there is an audio and listen to the whole program, called Sunday Morning, I think. Maybe I am super-sensitive to CBC's methods but it would be interesting to hear what others think.

Update insertion
Arar witnesses 'too busy' for questioning: MP

Liberal MP Mark Holland, co-chair of the all-party public safety committee that has delved into the case of Maher Arar, says two people who had key public safety roles have declined to appear for questioning. [....]

Holland wouldn't go so far as to say they were told by the government not to show up, but said the decision is suspicious and questionable. [....]

Is that planting an idea in the public's mind? Maybe there is a very good reason for their not appearing. Maybe they have pressing duties before they talk to the Liberals who must be very anxious to know ... how much these people are talking ... how much the present government knows.

I don't remember Liberal MP Mark Holland's being so anxious to question during the Liberal mandate to obtain answers for their part, if any ... Has this zeal developed recently?

RCMP, Zaccardelli, Comments

This is what I noted in the Globe and Mail about the topic -- reader comments. Listen to the CBC or read the G & M, or most MSM for the negatives.

# 56 ... What am I missing here? Zac sent a letter to the COMMISSION saying that he wanted to CLARIFY, not CHANGE or RECANT. Why's the commission vice chair upset at [Security Minister Stockwell] Day? It was Zac that said he was coming in, and he did. If the vice chair wanted him in sooner, then he should have done so. If the vice chair thought Day knew Zac was changing his story, why didn't he call in Day? Because there was nothing in the letter that led anyone to believe, including himself, that Zac was changing his story. Boy the liberals are great at spinning the facts and denying responsibility. [I think Conservatives and Liberals was what the writer meant. FHTR]

# 72 ... The Commissioner made a mistake, not an intentional one I believe, but one that he should not have made. The RCMP handles many cases and many files and no one person could be familiar with all of them. The Commissioner has to trust and depend on his deputy and assistant commissioners to keep him up to the date on the critical files and that is a judgement call as to important cases. Hindsight is always the most accurate in determining which cases are the most critical ones. The Commissioner has a complex and difficult job and it is impossible to absorb all the information that is needed to do a perfect job. I believe Zaccardelli did quite well, except for the occasional glitch that may well have been the result of an information overload, likely caused by trying to keep informed on too many files. He is an honorable man and hard working man who deserves our respect for his efforts as Commissioner and for his service to Canada.

# 89 ... It's amazing how people can blame the conservatives because of a position they took while in opposition. You're right....they were incorrect in their attacks on the liberals....but why were they wrong? Because they are the opposition and they only go by the information provided by the government. Opposition members are not privy to security matters...they don't attend government meetings because they are not the government. [sic - capitalization for political parties and Opposition - FHTR]

So while it's true that the conservative position at the time was wrong....the reason that they were wrong is the exact point of this whole RCMP thing. The commissoner was misled...he in turn misled the government....which in turn misled the house. How bout actually looking at where the problem could have been....maybe the government at the time? How about the minister responsible at the time??? How about the RCMP commissoner???? How about the people in the RCMP that misled the commissoner??? So many people to choose from and you picked the Conservatives....a party that was in opposition when this occurred. Nice choice!!!!

#90 ... See what happens when you mix politics and police work? Lets go back to the old days when the 2 were separate and the RCMP was impartial. Clearly they are influenced by the party of the day and as a result, we will have more problems in the future. Let the RCMP do their job, and keep the amateur sleuths/politicians out of it. [I corrected the spelling of "amature" and "sluths" - FHTR.]


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