December 11, 2006

Dec. 11, 2006: Collegiality ...

In the research field ... the rot ... health care research ... wasting dollars ... professional jealousy?

The story of Dr. Gabrielle Horne -- Note what is included as lack of "collegiality", Gillisn Woodford, National Review of Medicine, Mar. 15, 2005, Vol. 2, No. 6

A year ago, we brought you the story of Dr Gabrielle Horne, the Dalhousie University cardiologist banned from carrying out her research because of an anonymous complaint in October 2002 ("School for scandal," NRM Vol 1, No 5, March 15, 2004). Dalhousie and Halifax's Capital Health are supposed to solve these sorts of dispute within 10 days. Twenty-nine months later the case is still dragging on. We know precious little about Dr Horne's alleged wrongdoings, just that the complaint cited patient safety and collegiality (personality conflicts) as concerns.

... (CAUT), which is supporting Dr Horne, ... Freedom of Information legislation.

The numbers tell a disturbing tale. For the 2003 fiscal year, the year Dr Horne's case began, Capital Health's private legal expenses nearly doubled from $248,000 to $432,000. In 2004 costs mushroomed to $858,000; 2005 looks to be on the same track — in the first eight months they've managed to rack up $515,000 in legal bills. [....]

It can be cut-throat in the research and funding business, particularly, if you are outstanding, as was / is Dr. Horne. It may be especially cut-throat if you are better than some important others.

CAUT / ACPPU: Dr. Gabrielle Horne , with several resources listed.

This is infuriating as good money is wasted, from what I can see. It sounds like the kind of thing any behemoth such as government(s) is able to carry on, to the detriment of the citizenry.

We don't meet with doctors..." -- How a personality conflict mutated into a medical disaster -- There is more to this than a "personality conflict" -- It's more like punishing an excellent researcher and teaching her a lesson: "Go along with the system to get ahead or to maintain research funding and research position" ... or we will retaliate ... and we have the money to prolong ... until you give up, Stephen Kimber, The Daily News, May 7, 2006

[....] It boils down to a case of professional jealousy goosed into a larger-than-life medical-legal drama by personality conflicts. Horne was under pressure to give a prominent role in her research to another cardiologist. She resisted. Things got ugly.

If the personality conflict was the spark, the gasoline-filled super tanker that has kept this fire burning out of control is the hospital authority’s gaggle of corporate ass-covering in-house and hired-gun lawyers who have run up millions of dollars in legal costs — your health care dollars at work — to wage a war that should have ended long ago with an apology and a restoration of Horne’s privileges and research. [....]

The trials of Dr. Horne , The Coast, Halifax's Weekly, by Stephen Kimber, May 04, 2006

[....] During the previous year, she’d come under increasing pressure from Dr. Blair O’Neill, the head of the Cardiology Division, to include Dr. Jonathan Howlett, the director of the Heart Function Clinic, as a “prominent” part of her research team. [....]


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