July 12, 2006

July 12, 2006: Harkat ... Turf him

Harkat fears torture, death if deported to Algeria July 10, 06, CTV.ca

[.... CSIS] watched Harkat for five years ....

Mohamed Harkat, who was held in jail for more than three years over allegations that he has ties to al Qaeda, says he fears being tortured or killed if he is sent back to his native Algeria.

[....] CSIS has said that Abu Zubaydah identified Harkat as the operator of a guest house in the Pakistani city of Peshawar. The house was open to extremists travelling to Chechnya.

But Harkat denies those claims, saying he found work in Pakistan with a relief organization. [Remember the Khadrs and Human Concern International ... and who appeared as visitors' to play supportive roles when the latest alleged suspects were in court? There was at least one Khadr female, I believe.]

Harkat flew to Toronto in 1995 from Malaysia using a false Saudi Arabian passport, which he purchased for $1,200 US.

After winning refugee status, Harkat settled in Ottawa where he worked as a pizza delivery man and gas station attendant to support his family.

Two more whose cases will be coming up: Hassan Almrei and Adil Charkaoui


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