July 12, 2006

July 11, 2006: The soul of honour? ... Consider the source

Gitmo Khadr, his lawyer Muneer Ahmad -- "Canadian teen abused at Guantanamo Bay: report" from Center for Constitutional Rights CP, July 10, 06

[....] The Center for Constitutional Rights in New York released the first major overview Monday of alleged abuses and torture at the U.S. prison camp for terror suspects, including rape, sexual harassment and vicious beatings.

Muneer Ahmad, one of Khadr's lawyers, has already publicly outlined in some detail claims of abuse from the 19-year-old, who faces life in prison on a charge of murdering a U.S. medic in Afghanistan in July 2002.

"It has a different effect when you see it in the context of broad and pervasive conduct at Guantanamo," Ahmad said Monday.

Consider the source

Center for Constitutional Rights

[....] Kunstler [founder of organization] defended El Sayyid Nosair, a leader of Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman's terrorist network responsible for the 1993 World Trade Center bombing (as well as thwarted plans to blow up New York's Lincoln and Holland Tunnels).

Throughout his radical career, Kunstler defended domestic terrorists and drug dealers (but only, he explained, if they were black). He compared the organizers of the riot at the Chicago Democratic convention (Tom Hayden, Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin) to Jesus Christ and maintained a policy of never criticizing any "socialist country."

Today the CCR characterizes itself as an organization that "uses litigation proactively to advance the law in a positive direction, to guarantee the rights of those with the fewest protecttions and least access to legal resources." Among those whom the CCR counts as largely "unprotected" are terrorist organizations and illegal immigrants. The CCR is a core activist organization in the Open Borders Lobby, which seeks to eliminate all control of U.S. borders. [....]

At its 2004 annual convention, the CCR honored attorney Lynne Stewart, an open supporter of terrorism, indicted by the Justice Department for abetting the terrorist activities of her client, the "blind sheik," Omar Abdel Rahman. [....]

Center for Constitutional Rights

The Center, originally the Law Center for Constitutional Rights, developed when lawyers representing American Civil Rights Movement activists in Mississippi saw a need for a privately funded legal center to support proactive litigation. These founding lawyers were Morton Stavis, Arthur Kinoy, Ben Smith and William Kunstler. The CCR continued their tradition of representing rights activists, and was involved in a variety of landmark and famous cases:

Founder William Kunstler and co-counsel Leonard Weinglass played a leading role in the case of the Chicago 7 (8), and were themselves charged with 38 counts of contempt for their "vigorous defense". Rachel Meeropol, the grandaughter of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, who were convicted or treason and executed for spying for the Soviets, is an attorney for the CCR. [....]

More here: New report details abuse of Canadian teen, other detainees at Guantanamo Bay

I know ... my outrage is supposed to surface in our rights crazy world, but I failed to feel it when I thought of the widow of the man he killed ... allegedly ... and what more scum he would breed with some downtrodden wife ... if he ever gets out of prison. He's already been so warped by what he was taught at home and in terrorist environs in Pakistan and/or Afghanistan that he should be repatriated to his spiritual home (if ever released) after a suitably long ........ long punishment ... if he's guilty ... and I think he is ... because I don't believe a word that family nor his lawyer says.


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