July 11, 2006

July 11, 2006: Libs' Treasury Board Junkets

More beneath the surface of the Liberal iceberg

Expect high-flying program to meet Tory chopping block By Licia Corbella, July 11, 06

[....] Apparently, a little known agency of the federal government called the Canada School of Public Service, run under the federal Treasury Board, has mandated that every single new federal government employee -- from a receptionist in St. John's to a mail clerk in Victoria -- MUST undergo an all-expenses-paid, two-day trip to Ottawa to take part in an "orientation" of how the federal government operates.

[....] That's right, the federal Liberals, in an attempt to address the ethical breakdown that led to AdScam, dreamed up yet another way to waste taxpayers' hard- earned money -- junkets for federal janitors. [....]


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