July 11, 2006

July 11, 2006: The Torch, SDA Comments

The Torch: "one of a few Canadian blogs dedicated to military matters" -- via Heads Up to Bloggers smalldeadanimals.com, June 25, 2006

See comments and links from maz2

Treason of the MSM. Down with their treason.

Toronto Red Star, clone of the New York Times, is looking/praying for a victory by the Muslim Islamist terrorists; the defeat of PM Harper of Canada and George Bush, POTUS of America. ...-

Here is "Quebec's most famous regiment":
Royal 22e Régiment - Québec - (Search for more in English)
Histoire du Royal 22e Régiment depuis sa formation jusqu'à nos jours.
www.r22er.com/- 26k - ...-

Victoria Cross Winners:
Caporal Joseph Kaeble, VC, MM
Lieutenant Jean Brillant, VC,
*Major Paul Triquet, VC, CD

*Search for the story of Major Paul Triquet! ...- [....]


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