July 11, 2006

July 11, 2006: Canada Immigration system a laughing stock

Just what we expected ... This has many human interest details -- lengthy.

Michele Mandel: Runaway spouses get golden ticket

When he first saw the front page of the Sunday Sun about a woman abandoned shortly after sponsoring her Cuban groom here, Shah nervously joked to his bride, "but you wouldn't leave me, right?"

She gave him a big hug. "What a stupid question," she assured him. "Of course not."

But the very next day the Cuban woman had vanished as well, joining an epidemic of foreign brides and grooms who are ditching their Canadian spouses soon after using them to get to this promised land.

And there is virtually nothing the jilted can do about it.

[.... another's story] "Don't bother waiting for me," he told her. "I've just landed in Vancouver and I'm staying here."

Now that he was in Canada, he no longer needed her. He was free to apply for welfare and there was nothing she could do.

"Everybody wants to come to Canada and they know that once they're here, nobody sends them back," Harv argues. "This was a lottery for him. I was the ticket for him to get into the country and now he can bring his whole family here, even his girlfriend. They ruined my life to get into this country. [....]


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