July 10, 2006

July 10, 2006: Mark Peters

Voice of dissent, part 2 June 30, 2006, MarkPeters.ca, via newsbeat1

Last April 28 I argued that Israel should dismantle the Palestinian Authority. I pointed out that a suicide bombing the week before in Tel Aviv, which killed ten and wounded 80, was the sixth suicide bombing since Israel's disengagement from Gaza in September 2005 and the 82nd since the Palestinian Authority took shape early in 1994β€”in addition to a steady succession of shootings, stabbings, kidnappings, and artillery bombardment of Israelis. [...]

So since April 28 the Palestinian Authority has continued to exist, and Israel β€” and not only Israel β€” has continued to pay its "tax" to it. Before turning to the most recent high-profile events, it is worth realizing that, as the summary below makes clear, they are another eruption of a pot that has been steadily boiling. [.... the list -- worth checking ]

... But Hamas's Ismail Haniya is smart. He figured out Israel's Achilles Heel some time ago: "Palestinians have Israelis on the run," he once snorted to the Washington Post, "because they have found their weak spot: Jews love life more than other people, and they prefer not to die."


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