July 08, 2006

July 8, 2006: More on MMEV & Oerlikon, etc.

Army wants to keep Leopards, ditch MGS and MMEV

I really do not know how to assess this. But [....]

The army's plan would instead see the MGS working in conjunction with another high-tech weapon, the Multi-Mission Effects Vehicle or MMEV. Based on the army's existing air defence missile system called ADATS, the MMEV would be designed and built by the Quebec-based aerospace firm Oerlikon and be capable of shooting down aircraft or destroying ground targets.

But less than three years later, and in a major reversal of its plans, the army is now asking the Conservative government to cancel both the MGS and MMEV programs.

The MGS is no longer the right vehicle for the army and the Leopard is no longer seen as a millstone. A study is under way to determine how to keep the tank in service until at least 2015. [Maybe there was a bit of politicization under the previous (Liberal) governments? Rumours abounded but ....... Nope, can't be ... must have been something else.]

There is much more on the above website, along with other links and a link to even more information at Army.ca .


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