July 10, 2006

July 10, 2006: Celestial Junk ...

Money for Nothing -- "It must be nice, or so the saying goes. Imagine, being paid to write op-ed that wouldn’t pass the grade on most political blogs." 29 June 2006

Such is the work of Larry Zolf, a Socialist Utopian “thinker” who finds employment with the CBC, writing opinion pieces about the big bad neo-conservatives in Canada. And, opinion pieces they are… or rather opinion-only pieces. What I find most amazing, is that Zolf’s work, which consists of endless unsupported critique of conservatives, would not pass as even a substandard blog entry. It's not his opinions that are the problem, but the remedial grade 8 level of writing that he uses to express them. "Professional" writers, one would think, could show enough respect for the intellect of their readers that they'd attempt to tie their opinions to one or two substantiated facts. Not so with Zolf, as his work consists of no more than a laundrey list of opinions. [....]

This, ladies and gentlemen, is worth paying for according to the CBC. ...


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