March 29, 2005

Daniel Pipes at University of Toronto: Radical Islam and the War on Terror

Two years ago, the student-run centre at York University blocked him from speaking at its facility.

Pipes is scheduled to speak at the University of Toronto tonight. It may be a barn burner, if certain peaceful groups have their way.

While Mohammed Elmasry of Waterloo University has ben able able to express, perhaps incite, hatred against Jews (on the Michael Coren show) -- he may even have justified jihad, Ahmad Shokr, organizer of the Arab Students' Collective believes that, while Daniel Pipes, ". . . has the right to speak, we don't think he should actually have a place to speak on campus"

If not allowed free speech on campus, just where should Mr. Pipes hide to speak?

What has happened to free speech in Canada? Remember, truth is no excuse; it's the law in Canada -- if it might incite hatred--I think that is how it goes. Check for yourself.

In Canada at present, there are politically acceptable expressions of hatred--or is it expressions of hate from currently politically acceptable groups?--and then there is hate crime. It depends on whether you are from the "peaceful" religion, or from the group that speaks, writes and buttresses the discussion of issus with facts, figures and diligent research. Which one commits hate crime? In cockeyed Canada . . . . . . make a guess.

Visit by pro-Israeli prof causes uproar at UofT Caroline Alphonso, Education Reporter, March 29, 2005

A visit today to the University of Toronto by a controversial U.S. scholar of the Middle East is causing an uproar among academics and students, who say that "hate, prejudice and fear-mongering" do not have a place on campus.

Search: Campus Watch, Israel's right to exist

If you hate what I say but I am telling a truth, is that a hate crime? Just asking. NJC


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