March 28, 2005

Bud Talkinghorn: The Kyoto Agreement and its attendant ills -- T Shirt Line

The Liberal government wants to bring in the Kyoto Accord on pollution, particularly terming carbon dioxide a pollutant. See today's National Post for a good article on this. (See Lorne Gunter link below.) This entire scheme has been linchpinned by the eco-Czar, Maurice Strong and his acolytes in the UN. While I am no expert on pollution, I gleaned from articles that it is another meaningless 'global' gesture that will only transfer wealth from the West to the impoverished Third World. India and China are now industrial giants which spew out enormous amounts of pollution; yet they are exempt from Kyoto's carbon restrictions. Can we ever forget that NASA weather satellite picture of a noxious plume of smog that stretched from India all the way to China. This filthy yoke was hundreds of kilometers wide. And we are going to buy pollution credits from them?

One UN official commented, "That while it might stymie Western industry, it will raise up the Indias of the Southern continents." That "raise up" premise is certainly not based on any past handout to the Third World. Too often it was swallowed whole by the kleptocracy and the military. No village in Africa is too poor to have the pickup truck-and-gun-carrier. They might plow with oxen and wooden hoes; but the men can always afford that ultimate accessory, the rocket-launcher with gernade vest. Not always colour coordinated, but foreign aid can only be stretched so far.

This Kyoto deal cannot even be fought properly because the government, itself, is stymied. They have no coherent plans. The economic fallout from forcing businesses to spend billions to comply could be, undoubtedly will be, disastrous economically, but more important of course, politically. If the Liberals botch this one and cause a severe recession, the scars could last for decades. Our main trading partner, America, is not buying into Kyoto. If they have to retool all their car plants to assuage Liberal demands, they may just close them down. Harper is concerned enough to talk of trying to bring down the government when it reconvenes. I can't see this happening because the NDP does not care about trifles like ballooning costs and the BQ are equally eco-crazed. If it simply turns out to be a gesture, at least if it is implimented and goes bust, then the Conservatives come away clean. And business will love them for it.

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With every breath out -- a carbon dioxide a polluter?
Stumbling into an unwanted election March 28, 2005, Lorne Gunter, National Post

[. . . . ] The Liberals this week added a draconian Kyoto implementation clause to the current budget bill. They want to declare carbon dioxide a pollutant under Canadian law. Scientifically, this is nonsense. CO2 is not a pollutant. If it were, every time you and I exhaled we'd be polluters. Every tree that died and decomposed, every compost heap, every naturally occurring forest or prairie fire -- polluters, all.

Carbon dioxide is neither toxic nor noxious [. . . . ]

Gunter's whole article is worth reading.

The perfect message T-shirt for a Liberal:

"Hi! I'm a Liberal. If you have a problem with that, just throw money at me, and I'll go away."

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No such luck, Bud. NJC


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